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Thanks for reviving the old DWL-G122 thread from a year ago and for the excellent summary! There are testimonials to the DWL-G122 at Amazon and numerous dongles for sale on ebay and a real need to sort out what works and what doesn't.

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Some followup comments and questions:

Belkin Usb Wifi Adapter Mac Os X


1. One reason why you might be interested in a USB wireless antenna even if you've got a modern Mac with builtin wireless is that the reception on the Airport cards (at least in a titanium PowerBook like mine) is notoriously weak. There are lots of times when I get little or no reception and my pals with Dell laptops are doing great. I also want a cheap USB wireless device so I can play with gizmos like the famous Chinese cookware antenna.

2. Thanks for the warning that two antennas in use simultaneously can damage each other. But there's no problem as long as you turn off your built-in antenna before plugging in the USB one, right? Presumably you could avoid the problem by putting the USB antenna at the end of a cable, correct? How long would be far enough? And doesn't this problem also apply if people on two different laptops are working in close quarters?

3. So the Ralink driver trick only works with the B1 version of the G122. What if you can locate an older A1 or A2 version? Will they still work on Mac OS X 10.4? There seem to be plenty of them on ebay, although a lot of the sellers don't say and probably don't know which version they've got. (The ones who do so are trying to cater to TiVo users, who also have dependencies on the G122 version.)

Wifi Адаптер Usb For Mac Os XWifiUsb wifi adapter mac os x

4. Finally, are there any *other* USB wireless antennas which can be scrounged up cheap for use on a Mac? Don't answer that -- I'll start another thread.

Usb Wifi Adapter Mac Os X 10.15

Thanks again!

Usb Wireless Adapter For Mac Os X 10.4.11

I'm upgrading my Linksys modem/router and the wireless adapter for my girlfriend's iBook and could do with some recommendations. I'm currently using an old Belkin 802.11b USB adapter and I'd recently bought a Linksys modem and adapter bundle that was on offer, however no Mac drivers for the adapter. There's no mention of Mac compatibility on Belkin's site for their new G and G+ adapters and couldn't find anything for D-Link or Netgear either.
Can you still get Mac compatible wireless adapters or I'm I better going for an Airport card? The price had put me off however I found some cheap ones on eBay, the only thing is that PC World (I know but bear with me) has some good offers on routers and adapters. I suppose I could always just sell the spare adapter if I bought one.
Anyway, just wanted to see what other people's experiences are.