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Text editors for mac

Best C Compilers: For most beginners of programming choosing a user-friendly C or C++ compiler is challenging enough. The fact is many programming languages that have evolved through different OS environments are not enabled with the ability to bear current day computing parameters.

Eclipse: Eclipse IDE refers to an open source utility that offers some advanced functionality for. As you compose a new interface, the Assistant editor intuitively presents the related source code in a split window pane. Simply drag the mouse to connect UI controls to the implementation code. Apple LLVM compiler technologies parse your code, keeping every symbol you see in the LLDB debugger consistent with the editor and compiler. Visual Studio Code is a lightweight but powerful source code editor that is available.

Best C Compilers

The programming languages C and C++ are the most crucial for every programmer to master since they are the base-point for many other and recent programming languages and still used in many ways today.

A list of best C, C++ compilers to work with Mac OS X, Linux, Windows 7/8/8.1 OS environment is given here –

Eclipse C Compiler

With Eclipse you get advance functionality for programming in C, C++ on an open-source platform. This IDE is really a simple to use IDE, perfect for anyone new to programming. It comes packed with impressive features including a debugger, auto-code completion, syntax highlighting etc.

It is supported on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. For compiling the Java run-time environment needs to be functionally operational on the PC.

Code Blocks Compiler

This is a cross-platform extensible and open source IDE compatible for C++. The IDE can be extended with help of different, available PLUGINS. The IDE is fully configurable and can be downloaded through several ways.

Downloading the setup file for the binary release you can run it on the PC. Alternately download a nightly-build, source code or retrieve source-code from the SVN.

Digital Mars

It’s free and has both GUI and command-line versions. Digital Mars is convenient to use for its quick link time and efficient compile.


Though small C-Free has brilliant features and can be considered as an alternative to the traditional Turbo-C compiler for developing C++, C programs and for supporting many other compilers as well.

The compiler comes in a 30-day free trial version but for using it long you have to buy it.


Advance and open-source NetBeans offers features like unit testing, semantic highlighting, code assistance and automatic formatting. With NetBeans, you can easily develop web, mobile and desktop applications in Java, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


This IDE is a multi-view, multi-project and multi compiler for C++ that supports multi-profile compiling in a number of languages including JavaScript, PHP, and Java. It supports Mac and Linux.

Functions include autocompleting, line tracking, text manipulation, and syntax coloring.

Dev C++

The Dev C++ is an IDE that supports C language and uses Gcc’s MinGW port as compiler. The IDE offers project manager, print support, auto-code completion and syntax highlight.


Comprising of a group of tools for programming to cater to native windows apps MinGW has a GCC port like C, ADA, Fortan and C++ compilers.


Functional for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux OS Codelite is an open source and cross-platform IDE compatible for C++ and C.

This is not a free IDE but the fact that it’s quite a powerful and intuitive editor for source code manipulations works to its favor.

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U ++

With a set of different libraries like SQL, GUI, Ultimate++ works well with MinGW, Visual C++, and GCC and is used by C++ programmers for good productivity output. It is cross-platform and a RAD IDE.

So those were some of the best C Compilers for Mac and Linux PCs.

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If you are a beginner and you want to learn a programming language, use a text editor. If you are really interested in learning, never use IDE at least in your initial phase of learning.

For more, you can read my previous article- the advantages of using the text editor over IDE for programming.


I did not say it blindly. Being a professional Python developer and having good sense and experience of programming I have my two cents of it.

If you are the novice programmer and if you really want to learn to program, here is the list of text editor you should use.

Best FREE Text Editors C/C++, Python, Java

If you Goole it, you can see the huge list of Text Editors available to download. It’s like creating more confusion for newbies. There are always pros and cons to each text editor. To avoid the confusion of new programmers, I am just listing 3 text editors which I personally use.

Listing here some of my favorite text editors you should start with, without giving any other thoughts.

1. Notepad / Notepad++

Notepad comes preinstalled on Windows. It is the most simple text editor. It does not have a syntax highlight feature.

Notepad++ comes with basic syntax highlight features.

The best think about Notepad++, it resumes the last job. If you missed saving any file in Notepad++, it will be resumed when you open the notepad++ editor.

You can download install Notepad++. It is available free.

Download Link: Notepad++

2. Sublime Text Editor

When it comes to windows, it is my first choice. This text editor is specially built for coding and has good support. Again, it is available for free to use.

It supports syntax highlighting features for most basic programming languages like C/C++, Python, Java…

The portable version of the sublime editor is also available. You can download it and use it without installing it on your system.

Download Link: Sublime Text

3. vi / vim

If you are using any of the Linux distribution, Vim comes preinstalled with most of the today Linux distribution. It is my favorite. Even I use it for my project development purpose.

The vi and vim text editor also highlight the syntax. You can turn off or on highlighting the syntax in vim.

What is the Best Text Editor for Linux?

If you are really interested in learning and mastering any programming language, move to Linux. Ubuntu is most suitable to start with. Ubuntu has vim preinstalled.

Other than vim, you can use the sublime text editor as well.

What is the Best Text Editor for Windows?

Windows is the most populate operating system and it is widely used.

Basic Text Editor For Mac

On Windows, you can use Notepad++ or Sublime Text editor. It is difficult to realize the difference between two unless you use and feel it.

The Sublime text editor comes with more programming features. I personally use it.

What is the Best text editor for Mac?

I am not a big fan of the iOS echo system when it comes to programming. If you are a Mac user, you can use a Sublime Text editor.

Note: Sublime text editor is available for Linux, Windows, and Mac. If you purchase the pro version, you need a single license to run it on any of the systems you own. Even, you can use the free version which is more than sufficient in your learning phase.

Online Simple HTML Editor

These all text editors I have mentioned are open source. And you are free to use them. If you are a front-end developer and looking for a simple text editor, you can use our simple online HTML editor for FREE.

Want to improve your programming skills?

Now you have installed the best suitable Text Editor on your system. Are you destined to learn some real programming stuff?

Here is the list of 50+ coding questions you should practice. It consists of all the coding questions you need to start learning and mastering any programming language. Most of the questions are already asked in many job interviews.


Create a directory in your system and start writing code for one question at a time.

You can only master any programming language by Practicing as much as you can. It does not matter how many programming books you read.

Text Editor And Compiler For Mac Os

So, what’s stopping you now?

Fasten your seatbelts and go on log drive. I am waiting for you there… 😀

Wrapping Up

These are all my choices for Best FREE Text Editors for Programming.

IDE is built solely for programming. I am not denying this fact. When you want to build some projects, you need extra programming features to skyrocket your project development. For example, for developing the Python project, PyCharm is the best. I use it.

Simple Text Editor For Mac

Text editors for mac

Top Text Editors For Mac

But if you are a novice to the programming, it is more about learning. And learning comes with an understanding of each programming aspects. The text editor is what you need.

What’s your experience and thought of learning to code using the text editor?