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  1. Syndicate
  • MAC Master Syndicate Record; Sport. Win% MAC Alumni Fix Long Term: 11: 0 +5000: 100%: MAC Fraternity Donation Fund: 18: 2 +1500: 89%: MAC Conference Campus Inside Info Release Long Term: 23: 4 +1900: 86%: MAC Conference Show Down Release Long Term: 12: 2 +800: 86%.
  • Files for Mac can be run on all versions of OS X. You need to uncompress the 7z archive using the proper software (please use Keka to avoid problems). Syndicate Series. 1993 Syndicate 1994 Syndicate: American Revolt 1996 Syndicate Wars - See All - Browse By Genre. Action Adventure Arcade Beat-'em-up Platformer Puzzler Racing Role Playing.
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Syndicate is an outstanding, incredibly atmospheric action-strategy game by Bullfrog, one of the best of its kind.

The game is set in a bleak future where 'Syndicates' control the world. You're a young executive in a small European based syndicate, you must perform a series of tasks to subdue the major population centres one by one until you have driven the forces of the rival corporations out of their final strongholds.

What makes Syndicate stand out from other real-time strategy games is the combination great gameplay and unmatched immersion that never gets boring. The game mixes elements of business management, strategy and action into one very addicting package. Missions are carried out by up to four agents, any or all of whom can be controlled by you through use of the 'CHIP' technology. Each agent has his or her own stats, which can be improved via implementing cybernetic attachments, which in turn must be researched using funds you collect from winning a mission.

One of the game's best feature is the ability to adjust the stats of your agents. Since they are not real humans but cyborgs, the agents' Intelligence, Perception, and Adrenalin levels can be artificially boosted by drugs at any time to suit your tactics. You will often boost an agent's attribute to the level you prefer, and then leave him to fend for himself - the agent will then react with pinpoint accuracy to any threats, and run away if necessary. Of course, as with real-life drugs, there is a downside. After a sustained period of exposure to the drug, the body's tolerance increases, and the net effect of the drug increases - more is needed to achieve the same effects as before (diminishing marginal utility, one might say). This simulation of drug addiction is very well implemented, and adds a great dimension to gameplay.

Although most of the missions are of the 'kill all enemies' type, there are many different objectives that keep the game afresh: you will subdue the local resistance, capture VIPs, or even use a persuadertron on someone. Speaking of persuadertron: this is a good example of how unique and deepSyndicate is. Not quite a weapon, the persuadertron allows you to persuade others to your side-- anyone falling under the influence of the persuadertron will follow the agent who carries it, powerless to resist. Normal citizens can be 'persuaded' instantly, while guards, police and members of opposing syndicates require that a number of civilians are persuaded first before the persuadertron will work on them.

Played from a excellent isometric pseudo 3D perspective, Syndicate was a graphic tour de force for its time. Busy streets are filled pedestrians, vehicles and enemy agents. Digital street signs advertise the latest products as your agents battle it out with the forces of the enemy beneath. Buildings can be entered, cars driven around (and used to splatter enemies), and occasional parts of the environment can be ignited.

With incredible atmosphere, solid gameplay, and high replayability, Syndicate is Peter Molyneux' masterpiece and one of the best games ever made. A must-have, especially for all cyberpunk fans. Two thumbs up, way up!

Review By HOTUD

Syndicate has an addon available: Syndicate: American Revolt, don't miss it!

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Tron2018-08-300 point

Syndicate...classical me minigun.:)

Syndicate For MacSyndicate For Mac

golimar2017-10-21-1 point DOS version

I had a weird problem: music working but not audio. In DosBox I changed audio from sb16 to sb1, and also IRQ 7, and both work now

EvilBetty2017-03-250 point DOS version

Syndicate Machines Pvt Ltd

Awesome ! great game, it's so cool to retrieve it !

morpheus2016-04-102 points

thanx!!!I1ts my favourite!!

longDADDYlegy2k2016-01-292 points DOS version

the original syndicate, a masterpiece from
back in the day...very easy to play and highly
addictive, I bought *syndicate wars* years later
but gave up on it, it just was too hard to control
my was like bullfrog re-invented the wheel
when they DIDN'T have to, there was nothing wrong
with the goddamn wheel....what a shame.
love the original.

Ashley2015-05-201 point DOS version

Awesome gameplay

CHEATMASTER2014-07-080 point DOS version


cesc12014-04-240 point DOS version


Andronicus2014-02-02-1 point DOS version

Syndicate For Macbook

Ur GREAT !!!!!!

Leonida2014-01-281 point DOS version


tony-gee2014-01-192 points DOS version

Been a long time! Can't wait :D

vcorp2013-11-150 point DOS version

use dosbox to get it working ^^

Niame2013-10-181 point DOS version

@jay synd.exe
I haven't played this in over a decade and I remember typing that into dos so many times YIKES thats kinda scary.... (in a good way)
downloading now.... cant wait to play this game! nostalgia rocks!!

t-ganga2013-09-300 point DOS version

hanging to play this game for many years

DOSBox FTW2013-09-24-1 point DOS version

Use DOSBox to play under just about any OS (including Win7, Mac OS, Linux, etc)

Talos2013-09-08-1 point DOS version

I also can not get this amazing game to work on Windows 7 which is a shame as this is one of my faves from my youth.

honestfi2013-08-180 point DOS version

Syndicate mac game

Couldn't get it to work on Windows 7

jay2013-08-14-3 points DOS version

I'm stuck! Please help, which file starts the game???

Ju2013-06-280 point DOS version


Tobbe2013-06-221 point DOS version

I spent many nights playing Syndicate 1995 - 2000

DDA19752012-12-160 point DOS version

Amazing old game

Tq2012-08-271 point DOS version

This game is brilliant , i spent a lot of time playing it on amiga,

Huhn2012-01-220 point DOS version


Computerdad2011-04-170 point DOS version

This game is very good, you need to plan a strategy and complete the mission to pass levels, good game

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  • Year:1993
  • Publisher:Electronic Arts, Inc.
  • Developer:Bullfrog Productions, Ltd.

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