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Secrets is a unique application for Mac OS X Leopard that reveals lots of hidden features discovered by users of this operating system.
The secrets are organized into different categories according to certain applications and sections of Mac OS X Leopard. The first one, Top secrets, is a compilation of the best.
Some of the settings include the ability to change the background of the login screen, the appearance of scroll bars, and the screenshot output format. You can also show hidden files in Finder and more.
Be careful, though, because even the developers of Secrets warn that some changes may damage the operating system.
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Secrets lets you customize many Mac OS settings that are hidden or incomplete. Many of these values can harm your system if used improperly. Download Secret Mac Software Advertisement Secret of the Lost Cavern v.1.1.1 Secret of the Lost Cavern 1.1.1 is truly an impressive game which plunges the player into an inspiring adventure that takes place during the Paleolithic period in prehistoric time, 15,000 years B.C.

For Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

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★★★★★Best data protection app I've ever used

“I work on the computer all day, every day, with various high-end software. I have to tell you: it’s super refreshing to have a piece of software that is small, light, fast, bug-free (at least for me), and works exactly as advertised. I’ve been migrating a LOT of private data to Secrets and have just been enjoying the ease it's brought to my life. I like that it lives in the menu bar on a Mac and jut a tap away on the iPhone. I like the syncing very much. I have to use more than a dozen work-provided apps that all require unique passwords that must be changed every three months. Secrets has saved my butt repeatedly! It is well-built for such a purpose! I especially like that passwords aren't revealed right away, and can be copied in 'hidden' mode and pasted where you're trying to log in. So nobody sees your passwords.
I do look foward to upgrades and improvements as time goes by, though I can’t think of a whole lot I’d like to see right now. Perhaps multi-user capability, where it can unlock different secrets for different people on the same machine and same account, but who need to share password information for certain apps or logins.
Also worth mentioning…we have a fairly strict IT department. Yes, Big Brother is watching! So I was pleasantlyn surprised when Secrets passed its requirements for a secure password services. It’s not that they loved it, but they couldn’t find anything to object to, either. When dealing with our IT that’s like the Holy Grail.”