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This is a converted copy that had originally been scanned by naveed, his higher rez copy is still available here, note: it's not compatible with classic Mac OS PDF readers. 3rd download ('prince-of-persia-2.pdf') is the Manual in the French language. YouTube walkthrough: Prince of Persia 2 - Hall of fame speed run (35mins) See also. Shadow Man, is an enemy in original Prince of Persia and ally in Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame. Shadow Man is a shadow clone of the Prince who is created when the Prince jumps through a magical mirror that was created by Jaffar. Shadow Man encounters Prince several times. Once the Shadow Man drinks a potion before Prince can get to it, and once he shuts a gate, forcing Prince to.

  • Mirror 1 (HQX): Prince.hqx (1.16 MB)
  • Mirror 2 (SIT): pop1.sit (1.36 MB)
  • Mirror 3 (HFS): PoP1.hfs (5.00 MB)

Key Codes

Here's a visual sheet for the Mac version for Prince of Persia 1: (Click to enlarge)

Prince of Persia 1 Manuals

Go to download.html.

Hacks for Prince of Persia 1 (Mac version)

Here are some hacks for the Mac version of POP1 (saving/potion level/etc) - by Emma Kane.
Prince of Persia 1.0 on OS X
There are two ways to run PoP on OSX - one is to use Basilisk II, which will run in colour, the other is to use Minivmac - which has sound and is more stable, but uses a mac plus rom only so everything is in black and white.
Prince of Persia is a superb game. Its a lot like tombraider in terms of controls, it was well ahead of its time (1992), and is very playable today.
However, it was commercial software and as such is copy protected. In order to progress through the game you have to go to a room and pick one of 24 potions (a-z) to drink. Pick the wrong one and you're dead. The code to pick the right one comes up on the screen and you need the manual to figure out the fight potion. With me so far? So you need a copy of the manual to play much of the game. Or you need this image.

Or you need a copy of Resedit and the ability to use it to hack into your copy of POP as follows:
(the first one definitely works) The Potion Level never appears
patch for 1.0
CODE 2, offset 1F70
change 660A
to 600A
The Potion Level is passed over
patch for 1.0
1. delete existing Potion Level (level 12? 15?)
2. copy LEVL 1 to clipboard
3. change the ID and name of the existing LEVL 1 to that of Potion Level
4. paste back in LEVL 1
Get unlimited chances to find the right potion patch for 1.0
CODE 3, offset 55A6
change 5240
to 7000
allow editing of saved files
CODE 2, offset 15AC
change 663A
to 4E71
The save file is in the following format, two bytes each:
1. minutes left
2. fraction of a minute out of $2D0 (max is $2CF)
3. level
â—¦ $F is potion level
â—¦ $E is last level or princess level
â—¦ $C and $D are level 12 part 1 and part 2 Jaffer level
â—¦ $1-$B is level 1 to 11
â—¦ $0 is the demo level
4. potions
5. unknown
6. prizes (people killed, items obtained, big potions etc.)
7. how many times prince died
8. checksum (= $1B39 - min*$B - frac - level*$11 - potions*$25 - unknown*$C1 - prize*$17 - died*$D)
(You can also check the source to see how to emulate PoP1 macintosh version to run either under Basilisk II or under Minivmac on a Mac OSX) - Source:

Play PoP Macintosh versions on Windows

Here is a complete and detailed tutorial for playing Prince of Persia 1 or 2 Macintosh versions on Windows: CLICK HERE.

Play PoP Macintosh versions on Mac OS X

Here is a complete and detailed tutorial for playing Prince of Persia 1 or 2 Macintosh versions on Mac OSX: CLICK HERE.

Prince of persia 2 for macs

PoPMap Mac Prince of Persia Editor

PoPMap Mac Prince of Persia Editor: (Released in 1992/3 / Works with Executor as well).


How to use:
1) Download from below both Prince of Persia level editors from HyperArchive.
Abstract of Persia Cheater 1.0; cheats extension 9306 (06/26/1997) Download
Abstract of POP2 Saves 24K (06/26/1997) Download
Abstract of Prince of Persia 2 walkthrough update 14K (06/26/1997) Download
Abstract of Prince of Persia Editor 1.0 11K (06/26/1997) Download
Abstract of Prince of Persia Level Editor 39K (06/26/1997) Download
2) When using the editor, you must first make a copy of your POP game and rename it. If you do not rename the file, the editor will not save it. This is to protect your original levels.
3) Fool around with one of the levels.
4) Make some sweet levels and post them here!
5) Preview: (Click on the picture to enlarge it).

PoP1 Mac Tools

There's a couple of other cool things for POP - 2 level editors, plus an init (put in extensions) that adds a useful cheat menu.

Prince of Persia 1 Mac DEMO

Download: popdemo.sit.hqx

Other downloads

Prince of Persia 1 Level Editor: popeditor.sit.hqx

PoPE (cheat): pope.sit.hqx

popyorn - Prince of Persia 1 Macintosh level editor

popyorn is a level editor of Prince of Persia for the Macintosh. Version 0.9b was released by Norbert de Jonge on 2 September 2018.


  • Windows (latest, 0.9b version):
  • GNU/Linux (latest, 0.9b version): popyorn-0.9b.tar.gz

Prince's PoP 1-Mac sprite sheet

Prince Of Persia 2 Mac Emulator

Click on the image to get the full size:

You can also get the sprites alone (separated gif files) from here: popspecial.html

Frame by Frame Sprites

You can get David's frame by frame sprites from here:

PoP Macintosh Total Pack

POP MAC Total Pack for PC - contains PoP1, PoP2, tools, editors and other games with Basilisk II system (8.0). Released by adam77.

Download: (80.51 MB)


1) Download;
2) Extract;
3) Open up the Macintosh Package folder;
4) Open up 'BasiliskIIGUI.exe' (** Notice the file name it is NOT 'BasiliskII.exe'**);
5) Click on the 'RUN[F1]' button in the bottom right hand corner;
6) Click ok on the cd rom error (if you get an error);
7) The emulator should start.
8) The icon for the HD is in the top right hand corner
A) Prince of Persia 1 - (works) - includes Pop Map editor and POP Cheats.
B) Prince of Persia 2 - (works)
C) Tetris Max -(woks) - by far my favorite tetris game ever.
D) Diamonds - (works) - Awesome game
E) Jewell Box - (works)
F) Movod II - (works)
G) Load Runner - (works)
H) Lemmings - (woks) - Includes Lemmings, Oh No More Lemmings, and Holiday Lemmings
I) Beam Wars - (works)
J) Snake - (works)
K) Columns - (works)
L) Mac Brickout - (Used to love this game and I CANT get it to work. If you do, please let me know how)
M) Crystal Crazy - (Asks me for a disk?)
N) Blox Arcade (opens, but i see no pieces falling?)
O) Crystal Crazy - (works, but I cant quit and get back to main desktop)
P) Bonkheads Deluxe - (Crashed the program, let me know if you get working)
Q) Oids - (Couldn't get to work)
R) Scruffy - (wanted to change to B&W)
* Good Luck and let me know if you find any other games that work with the package. Stuffit expander is in one of the folders.

Regarding PopMap: You have to double click on popmap and then go to file-open and navigate to the pop1 folder where you will find the prince icon. Click on open and it will bring up a list of levels in the game to chose from where you can then edit the level. I guess you should make a copy of the game first so you can preserve the original levels. And PopMap works fine: when you double click on popmac it will look like it disappears, but in reality what happens is the File/Edit etc.. menu items at the top change to be used with the popmap program and that is when you go to file open. and select the pop icon. It does this for many mac applications, I think that is just the way that system 8 works, but I assure you it is there. The same thing happens when you double click on stuffit expander, everything disappears and you have to go to file/ expand.

Forum Topic (Topic 2)

PoP1 Mac Gameplay: Complete Walkthrough

Prince of Persia 1 Mac [1992] Mac Gameplay: Complete Walkthrough (HIGH QUALITY 2020) by ThunderStorM

Played and recorded by ThunderStorM on 14/07/20 - Emulator used: Basilisk II - Recorded with OBS in Full HD resolution (1920x1080) @ 60 fps, 15.000 bitrate.


Adomatic's maps for PoP 1 PC and Mac versions

Interactive-like maps made by Adomatic. Click to enlarge.

Prince Of Persia 2 Mac Os



For more info, screens, etc. check out the old PoP Mac page here:

Prince of Persia 2 Mac

Prince Of Persia 2 Game

For Prince of Persia 2 Mac, click here.