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Perian 1.3.2 for Mac is free to download from our software library. This Mac download was scanned by our antivirus and was rated as clean. The most popular versions among the program users are 1.2, 1.1 and 1.0. The application can also be called 'PerianUpdateChecker', 'Perian - Open in QT Player', 'Perian QT X'. Perian has to read in the entire file in order for seeking and playback to work. Does hardware acceleration for H.264 work with Perian? QuickTime supports hardware acceleration for some profiles of H.264; however, which profiles these are is not documented and may change on different Mac models.

Perian Overview For You

Perian is an ideal QuickTime component that help QuickTime to support for many popular types of media that QuickTime can’t support on Mac, This software is open source. From the following formats, you can know the powerful video formats. However, On 15 May 2012, the Perian project managers announced on their website that they are shutting down support for the project.In the announcement, They indicated that Perian’s source code would be posted online for any developer who wanted to continue with the project. One continuation based on the source code is actively maintained but does not support QuickTime for OS X Mavericks or later. So it’s the time for you to find the best best Perian Alternative for Mac and Windows which can make up the disadvantages of Perian.

Perian Main Supported Formats
File formats
Video types
MS-MPEG4 v1 & v2DivXH.264
FLV/Sorenson SparkFSV1VP6
Audio types
Windows Media Audio v1 & v2Flash ADPCMXiph Vorbis (in Matroska)
DTS Coherent AcousticsNellymoser ASAOMPEG Layer I & II Audio

Why Do You Need a Best Perian Alternative for Mac (masOS High Sierra) and Windows?

If you are a old user of Perian, this software bring you too many advantages and accompany with your for many days. However now it’s a information explosion age, everything is developing with crazy speed. Perian is out of date because of the advanced technology. You have to bear pain to give up Perian and find a best Perian Alternative for Mac (masOS High Sierra)and Windows, following are the fatal factors about Perian.

*Will Perian Develop More Advanced Version One Day?

Perian project managers discontinued and no longer under development. The current version of Perian can work with QuickTime 7.66 which does not work with QuickTime 10 or more advanced QuickTime version. If your Mac version is Mac OS X Mountain Lion/Mavericks and upgraded to QuickTime 10 or above, it’s a pity you will miss Perian and it won’t work for you nay more. It’s time for you to find the best Perian Alternative for Mac and Windows.

Persian 123 for mac

*Perian Can Load MKV With Fast Speed?

What Is Perian For Mac

From the QuickTime workflow, it expects to know the location of every single frame in a movie in order to play the video. This is easy with its native and acceptable format, such as: MOV/MP4, but come to strange format, like MKV, this process will ber more difficult. Perian has to read in the entire file in order for seeking and playback to work. If you have many MKV video and don;t want to wait for long time, you can ask help for a best Perian Alternative for Mac and Windows which can support many video formats and load them with fast speed.

*You Thought Perian Allowed You to Llay MPEG Files, Why can’t?

The term MPEG covers more than just a file type. It also defines audio and video compression methods. Perian allows playback of these audio and video compression techniques, but it does not allow the ability to open the MPEG file format. This is due to limitations within QuickTime itself, If you want to play the MPEG format smoothy on QuickTime , you have to convert this files to QuickTime best compatiable video formats by the best Perian Alternative for Mac and Windows.

*Can Perian Help You to Play Any Video on iPhone?

Unfortunately, the answer is no, the iPhone does not have QuickTime. Perian is a third party component for QuickTime, so you can’t do that, If you want to watch the video on your iPhone media player, you can use the best Perian Alternative for Mac and Windows which can help you to convert any video format ans save to your iPhone for better playback. Also you can select your iPhone type in this best Perian Alternative for Mac and Windows, this software will set all the video parameters well which is the best matched with iPhone for you.

Are You Searching The Best Perian Alternative for Mac and Windows?

There is no Perian for Windows version from beginning to end. Also there are so many advanced finctions that Perian can’t do for you. Do you want to find a best Perian Alternative for Mac and Windows which can macOS Sierra version? Do you want to use best Perian Alternative for Mac and Windows on any Mac OS X? It’s not a dream any more if you find iMedia Converter for Mac /Windows, which can satisfy you any need that Perian can’t satisfy you. The friendly interface, simple operation buttons, powerful operating system support are just the basic features of the best Perian Alternative for Mac and Windows, below are it’s real true appearance.

Miltiple Video Formats and Devices: As the best Perian alternative for Windows or Mac, this software can easily convert all kinds of video including AVI, DivX, Xvid, WMV, ASF, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, FLV, MKV,and etc to QuickTime supported video format for easy playback in QuickTime, iTunes, iPad, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV or Edit in iMovie, Final Cut Pro etc.

Countless Audio Formats: Besides converting multiple video to QuickTime, this professional Perian Alternative for Windows or Mac also helps you to convert iTunes supported audio formats(MP3, M4A, AAC, Flac), iPhone Ringtone audio (M4R), Matroska Audio(MKA), Ogg Vorbis Audio (OGG), Windows Media Audio (WMA, WAV), DTS (DTS remux) to easily play in QuickTime.

Powerful Editing Features: This powerful Perian alternative for Windows and Mac not only can play all the above mentioned video and audio files in the preview window. This software can even features some video editing function, such as: Trim, crop, merge, compress, rotate, add subtitles, add watermarks, adjust video effects. At the setting menu, you can adjust video audio codec, bitrates, sample rate, aspect ratio, audio channel and etc. You can make your special video.

Amazing Speed and High Stability: Above all is nor the best wonderful point, finally you will love this best Perian Alternative for Mac and Windows If you open it and convert video with H.264/H.265 codec. The conversion speed is so fact, just a cup ofcoffee time, you will get a brandnew video. Do you want to know that the best Perian Alternative for Mac and Windows how to do that? This software takes advantage of the NVIDIA CUDA technology and AMD APP technology, the conversion speed can be 6 times faster than other software.

Can’t you wait to try this best best Perian Alternative for Mac and Windows? Follwoing link you can download this software within 2 minutes, the installation steps are very easy, just 4 clicks, you can oen the best best Perian Alternative in the world, just enjoy it at will. All the information is not enough? You want to know more? Here is that you want.

Quicktime Codecs For Mac

Quick Gides For you: Use the Best Perian Alternative for Mac and Windows for Better Playback

Step 1: Load DVD disc to best Perian Alternative for Mac and Windows

Persian Software For Mac

Open the best Perian alternative, then add video souce into this software by clicking 'Add Video/Audio' button. Here you don’t worry about the load time, this software can load any video format with fast speed without waiting.

Step 2: Choose Kodi 17.0 Compatible Video Formats

This step is fatal, choose the output format. Move to 'Format' menu, you can find 'Common Video' category, at this list, you have 250+ video formats choices: MKV, AVI, WMV, MOV, MP4, you can choose different formats that QuickTime can accept. Such as: MP4. best of all, if you choose the format with H.265 codec, you can experience the fast speed, this best Perian alternative use the the NVIDIA CUDA technology and AMD APP technology, the conversion speed can be 6 times faster than other software.


Step 3: Start DVD conversion process.

Go back to the program main interface, hit on the 'Convert' button and start to magic conversion. When the conversion is done, you can enjoy your video on t QuickTime 10 or more advanced version smoothly.

Conclusion: Even though the Perian doesn’t develop any more, you don’t be too sad. The best Perian alternative can take care of your video like Perian. In addition, this software can provide more editingb features and high stability for you. You can do the batch video operation. Good lucky to you.

Perian App

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FAQ: QuickTime Not Working with Perian

1. Cannot open Perian on Mac

Perian for mac downloadPersian application for mac

Q: I've tried to download Perian from different sources but none of them can be opened because of unidentified developer.
On you Mac, go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General > Allow apps downloaded from… and set your preference, try to open Perian again to see if it works. For any users who can't open Perian for QuickTime, we suggest checking if the components are compatible with the version of QuickTime and macOS.

2. QuickTime with Perian won't open AVI files

Q: QuickTime refuses to play AVI files in QuickTime 7. Any straightforward solution for this problem?
It's common that QuickTime won't play AVI files even you have Perian installed on your computer. AVI is a container format introduced by Microsoft, which can contain different types of video and audio codecs unsupported by Perian. You have three ways to solve the error of QuickTime with Perian not playing AVI files:

Try other QuickTime Player alternative, for instance, VLC Media Player, 5KPlayer, MPlayerX etc.
Convert AVI to MOV, the best video format for QuickTime.
Install other AVI codec packs to help QuickTime play AVI media files.

3. QuickTime doesn't play MKV with Perian installed

Persian Application For Mac

Q: MKV video files won't play in QuickTime with plugin Perian. I downloaded some MKV files but they couldn't open via QuickTime with plugin Perian installed on Mac. I thought QuickTime would work with MKV videos.
MKV is a container format like MP4 and AVI. The reasons why QuickTime is not playing MKV are similar to that of QT not playing AVI files. To play MKV on Mac, try other MKV players for Mac or change MKV to MOV with H.264 codec that is widely accepted.