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PAYDAY 2 game details. In Payday 2, you’ll join three other players in action-packed heists, kidnappings, robberies and deadly shootouts with SWAT teams, all so you can get paid and move onto bigger and better jobs. An Intel Core 2 Duo E8190/Athlon X2 7850 and a GeForce GTX 260/Radeon HD 6770 will get you ready for crime. PAYDAY 2 is for Windows and Linux but not Mac? Will it ever be coming for mac? I got PAYDAY 2 back in June when you could get a permanent copy for free. I didn't know it wasn't for Mac though, so will it ever be coming for Mac? Save hide report. The second Weapon Color Pack for PAYDAY 2 makes 20 new camouflage patterns available as colors for application with the weapon color system.

Can you play Spelunky 2 on Mac?

Spelunky 2 is not just about “getting good and beating the game” – more than that, it’s an endlessly replayable playground to experiment in and find your own way, creating stories against the backdrop of an expansive, deeply-interactive world filled with secrets. The more you play, the more the game becomes yours! This rogue-like game won’t disappoint you! If you are ready to try it now, we should warn you that this game requires Windows and there is no version of Spelunky 2 for Mac OS. So our community is left without a ready to go version an you can’t play Spelunky 2 on Mac natively. For the most people Macbooks are not associated with the real gaming experience. It goes without saying that mainly Mac OS devices are made for the study- and job-related purposes. But now it’s not a problem at all! There are a huge number of ways to run Windows games on this platform. It doesn’t matter which version of MacOS you use: Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra, OS X; You can easily play Fall Guys, Witcher 3, Counter Strike GO, Dota 2, Call of Duty: Warzone, APEX, Mount & Blade II Bannerlord, GTA V and other top games on your favorite platform. In this article you can find the way that suits you and that will respond to your needs. After reading it you will definitely find the best way how to play Spelunky 2 and master this game!

Article’s Guide

Run Spelunky 2 on Mac with Parallels


Parallels is the virtualization software that allows you to launch Windows and Spelunky 2 on Mac OS with the help of virtualization. This program can be outlined for DirectX 11 support using Apple Metal. The meaning of it is that your Mac can render 3D graphics up to 15 percent faster than other programs. It will close you to the native gaming experience. Moreover, Parallels also supports new Sidecar features. This means you’ll be able to use Windows apps on an iPad when you’re using it as a second screen for your Mac, and it also includes improved Apple Pencil support. Furthermore, there is no need to reboot your device after the playing and you will get the access to the muultiplayer. So as you can see this program has a great variety of pros. Try it now!

Payday 2 mac os

You will be redirected to the purchasing page. The home version is enough to run the game. Note: the performance depends on the hardware of your device.

Launch Spelunky 2 with Boot Camp

Boot Camp gives you an opportunity to start playing this game on your Mac OS natively. All you need is to launch Boot Camp and install Windows with the help of this application. Then you can simply launch Windows and then run any game you need. However, this solution is not so fast, as Parallels, as Boot Camp requires a great amount of hard disk resources to work. So you need a very fast hard drive. Moreover, when you are done with the game and you need to return to Mac OS, you will have to reboot your device. So you should be ready to some performance issue while playing. If you are still not sure, we have one more solution for you!

Play with GeForce Now

Payday 2 For Mac Os 10.13

GeForce Now is one of the best solutions to launch this game on Mac OS. All you need is to purchase the subscription and already made gaming library. Technically, you rent a very powerful computer, which streams the gameplay right for you. Don’t be afraid of stutters and freezes – the hardware of these computers will perform any game with ultra settings. However, you need good internet speed to enjoy the gameplay. Still, if this solution doesn’t respond to your needs, try the next one!

FINAL WORDS: however, there are not all possible solutions to play Spelunky 2 on your favorite platform, but they are the best ones. GeForce Now can give you the best experience, but it requires a fast internet connection. Boot Camp is also OK, but it requires a lot of free disk space and its performance can vary. Parallels can be the best choice too, but it also depends on Mac’s hardware. If you have other opinion on this point or want to tell us about the really best way to play Windows PC games on a Mac, comment below! Thanks for your attention!

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