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Tablet toting road warriors rejoice!OnLive Desktop for iPad is here, bringing Windows and Microsoft Office to the tablet in your lap. Vern Seward takes a look and shows us the pros and cons in. OnLive lets Mac and PC gamers play games using their Web browser and a plug-in. The OnLive Game Service is available in two different forms—either through a “MicroConsole”—only about the. Time Magazine name OnLive Desktop the #1 app of 2012. If you are looking for a high-end gaming experience, OnLive will help you achieve that. All you need is a fast internet connection to use this leading cloud gaming service. OnLive promises superior console-like. The OnLive Service is free to use on the PC and Mac, while the Micro-Console costs $99. What do you get with this $99? As shown when I unboxed it, you get the micro-console itself (never has to be upgraded), an extremely high-quality wireless controller, HDMI Cable, Ethernet Cable, and a Promo Code good for any game on the service (e-mailed 24.

OnLive is well known for their “cloud gaming” service which is available for Mac and iOS. OnLive lets users play console on their mobile devices via the cloud. This takes away the need for high-end graphics cards and processors which are usually required to play full featured video games.

OnLive has recently launched an iPad app called “OnLive Desktop”. This app let’s users load a full copy of Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010 on their iPad via the cloud. This app is currently free in the iTunes App Store and requires an OnLive Desktop account.

This app is great if you require a full version of Microsoft Office for work or school. In theory, OnLive Desktop can save you from hauling around a laptop PC when working on the go. This is great for college students that are often traveling from class to class.

Since OnLive Desktop is a cloud based app, an Internet connection is required. This is why I strongly recommend purchasing a 3G enabled iPad if you plan to heavily use OnLive Desktop. Unfortunately, this app totally useless when an Internet connection is unavailable.

Unfortunately, OnLive Desktop runs on Windows 7. This causes a slow, laggy experience with horrid multi-touch controls. I would like to see OnLive integrate better multi-touch controls instead of relying on the built-in Windows multitouch gestures.

Overall, OnLive Desktop is good but definitely has room for improvement. For now, I would recommend this app to anyone who’s not afraid to try new software. In the future I definitely see this app being a huge success in the education and business market.

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Onlive For Mac

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Take a browse through the App Store and you’ll find that there are a number of office suites to choose from. On your desktop computer it is likely that you have become used to working with Microsoft Office and while there are a range of Office-compatible suites that will enable you to work with your files, it is not the same as a mobile version of Office itself. OnLive Desktop is a quite unique app which give you access to cloud-hosted versions of Office programs in a Windows 7 style interface.

It is important to bear in mind that OnLive Desktop is not a remote access tool, but it does provide you with access to remotely hosted copies of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint which you can use with your iPad’s touch screen. All of this is wrapped up in a familiar environment which closely mimics the experience of using Windows 7 on a desktop computer and the fact that you are working with a remote version of Office mean that no compromises need to be made about the features you can use.

To make it easier to access the files you are working with on different devices, the app comes complete with 2GB of free online storage. This can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection so once you have created and saved from your iPad can then be accessed on your desktop or laptop computer and vice versa. The experience is unlike working with any other mobile office suite, but the online nature of the app means that there is potential for performance issues.

Working with the free account means that there business and enterprise users who have paid for access to the service, and this give them priority use of the servers. This can be mean that at times it is not possible to access your account, or you may find that performance is a little slow. Besides these niggles, OnLive Deskop is an extremely interesting app which is well worthy of your attention.

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