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Need to clone Samsung SSD 860

1) 1GB=1,000,000,000 bytes, 1TB=1,000,000,000,000 bytes. Lower capacity may be demonstrated by your computer due to use of a different measurement standard. 2) Compatible with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 3) Exact weight of product may vary by capacity. 4) Performance may vary depending on host configuration. To reach maximum transfer speeds of 540 MB/s, the host device and connection cables must. Jan 17, 2020 What are the best practices for backing up your Mac? What backup software for Mac should you use? In this article, we’ll answer those questions. Do I Really Need to Back Up My Mac? Yes, you do - if you value what’s on it. Although hard drives and solid-state drives (SSDs) are more reliable than ever, things still go wrong. Answer:A: Samsung Magician Software is only compatible with Windows. You don't need it in Mac because it's not compatible, but it would be useful to upgrade the SSD firmware easily. If you want to upgrade the SSD firmware, you have to download the ISO, burn it into a DVD or USB drive and start up your Mac from it. I get the message that 'This software is not compatible with this version macOS.' I know that Catalina is still technically in beta, but it's about to be released and if Samsing doesn't patch their software soon, there will be a lot more people that can't access their SSD. De software van de Samsung ssd herkent op mijn Mac (sierra 10.13-3) de ssd niet (geeft aan dat er geen ssd is aangesloten, terwijl deze wel gekoppeld is). Ik kan de ssd gewoon gebruiken! Ik kan bestanden schrijven en lezen. Ik kan alleen de software niet gebruiken (met de wachtwoordbeveilkiging).

Among various SSDs, Samsung 860 EVO is the best, as it has the best combination of price,endurance, capacity and performance of any drive you can buy. Compared with Samsung 850 EVO,it is faster and more durable. Thus, Samsung SSD 860 EVO replaces the Samsung 850 EVO, whichwas the top SSD choice for nearly three years.

Usually, users copy hard drive to Samsung 860 EVO for a good performance. Since hard drivesare easy to break or crash, people have to backup harddrive to avoid data loss. In fact, cloning hard drive to another drive can also be agood way to protect your data. Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn't offer you any built-intool to clone your drive. To copy your data from hard drive to Samsung 860 EVO, you may needa Samsung SSD 860 clone software.

Mac Software For Samsung Ssd

The case: Samsung Data Migration cloning failed

Like many manufacturers, Samsung has its own data migration software – Samsung Data Migration(SDM). Although its simple steps are praised by lots of people, the following problem oftenoccurs during the operating process.

'I recently purchased and installed a 1TB Samsung 860 EVO inmy computer. My current drive is a 1TB WD black drive. When I load up the Samsung DataMigration software, both of my drives show up in the appropriate sections.

When I start the process, it gets to 77% and then I receive theerror message: 'cloning failed. An error occurred while reading the disk. 301001[0497c9]'I have tried the troubleshooting solutions recommended by the software and ran the cloningagain but I get the same error message at 77% each time. If you have any solutions on how Ican get the cloning process to complete, please let me know.'

What to do when Samsung Data Migration fails?

Luckily, you can follow the steps below to slove this issue.

Step 1. Power off your PC.

Step 2. Disconnect all storage devices except for the C: drive.

Step 3. Connect the solid state disk to the secondary internal drive connection.

Step 4. Power on the PC.

Step 5. Allow the operating system to install drivers for your SSD.

Step 6. Open SDM and re-attempt the disk cloning.

Best free alternative to Samsung Data Migration

Although the method mentioned above is effective, you need to spend too much time on repairprocess. Also notice that only a few Samsung SSDs are supported by SDM. Worse still, youmight be disappointed to find that you can't let Samsung DataMigration change source disk, as it can only clone the system disk.

Is there a reliable alternative? AOMEI Backupper Standard, the professional and the bestSSD cloning software for Samsung SSDs, can be your ideal choice. Any brand or capacityof SSD can be supported by this freeware. By using it, you can change the source disk as youlike. Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP are supported.

With this utility, you can even clone largerdrive to smaller drive, as it just copies used sectors on the source drive by default.More pleasing, the working performance of your SSD can also be improved. Let's see howthis Samsung SSD copy software works.

Detailed steps of using the best Samsung SSD 860 clone software

Tips: If you use Samsung SSD 860 as your destination disk, it will beoverwritten after cloning. Therefore, if you have some important data on this drive, you'dbetter backup them in advance.

First of all, free download the software on your computer and launch it.

Download Freeware

Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP

Secure Download

Step 1. Select Clone from the left list. Then click DiskClone.

Note: This version only supports cloning disk with the same partition tyle, such as, cloningGPT disk to GPT disk. If you want to clone GPT/MBR system disk to MBR/GPT, you couldconsider upgrading toAOMEI Backupper Professional.

Step 2. Select your old HDD (Disk 0) as the Source Disk.Then click Next.

Step 3. Select your Samsung SSD 860 (Disk 1) as the DestinationDisk. Then click Next.

Step 4. In this interface, you can have an Operation Summary. Click SSDAlignment to accelerate the writing and reading speed of your SSD. Then clickStart Clone.


  • Make sure to change the boot order or replace old hard drive to boot from the cloneddrive.

  • Edit Partitions: works well to resize partitions on the targetdrive. Copy without resizing partitions, Add unused space toall partitions and Manually adjust partition size areavailable. The last two options are available in AOMEI Backupper Professional. Whenyou upgrade to professional version, you can edit the partition size as you wish.

  • Sector by sectorclone: means all sectors will be cloned. Confirm that the destination diskis equal to or larger than the source disk.

  • After cloning HDD to SSD Samsung, you can reformat the HDD and take it asyour secondary storage device.

  • If you just want to migrate OSto Samsung SSD, System Clone is helpful.

  • This freeware serves you well as Samsung SSD 850 clone software.


You can transfer your data from HDD to SSD easily with this free Samsung SSD 860 clonesoftware - AOMEI Backupper Standard. In addition to this, other useful features like cloning Samsung SSD to anotherSSD and copying Samsung SSD to HDD are also available in this freeware. You can usethem by your needs. But if you're a Windows Server user, you can turn to AOMEI Backupper Server.

Why is it recommended to clone Mac hard drive to SSD?

When it comes to the 'clone' topic, what do you expect the most? We usually recommend the way of cloning your Mac hard drive in case that you decide to upgrade Mac hard drive with a solid state drive, replace an old or corrupted Mac drive with a newly bought one, or perhaps try to create a bootable hard drive for Mac.

All those demands can be easily satisfied by cloning behavior. Above all, by cloning disk 1 to disk 2, you don't necessarily worry about reinstalling operating system, transfer files, folders, applications and some settings on the new hard disk; second, keep a cloned hard drive with setup volume on it can help boot your Mac machine easily when unexpected disasters came and stroke your Mac.

What's the best Mac cloning software?

In order to assist you better in cloning Mac's hard drive without interruption, we come up with a piece of handy and specialized Mac cloning software, which is called EaseUS Todo Backup for Mac.

Being a professional Mac backup, clone and synchronization utility, EaseUS Todo Backup for Mac allows Mac users to clone everything on one hard drive to another easily, and the destination disk can be an HDD as well as SSD.

How to clone Mac hard drive to SSD (Make a bootable Mac hard drive)?

Only several simple clicks can help accomplish the job of cloning Mac hard drive to a solid state drive. Follow the detailed guide and get started.

Step 1. Connect both hard drive and SSD to Mac computer and launch EaseUS Mac cloning software.

Step 2. In the From drop-down list, select the volume you want to clone, which should be the source disk.

Samsung Magician Magic

Step 3. In the To drop-down list, select the SSD as the destination disk.

Mac Software For Samsung Ssd Upgrade

Step 4. Set up the disk cloning properties. Here, you are allowed to exclude files or folders if necessary.

Samsung Migration Software For Mac

Step 5. Finally, click the Start button to execute the cloning operation.