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This will tell the OS to find the 'text to find' in every file in every directory, all the way down through the tree. The -r flag tells grep to recursively search directories. Of course, OS X has something like 26,000 files, so this can take a very long time! The built-in search box for Finder is powerful, but if often searches for way more than you expected. The following are some search techniques for you to improve file search on macOS. Use search operators. When searching in the Finder search box, you can limit your scope by specifying file attributes with certain search operators.

ron1972 wrote:
Hello. I need to search my filesystem for any files containing the words 'foo' (for example). Currently, when I type 'foo' into my finder search bar, it returns only those filenames starting with the word 'foo'. Can anyone tell me the way to adjust search behavior to search filenames containing 'foo' instead of starting with 'foo'?

Do not use quotes.
When I enter a keyword and select File Name, I get all instances of file names with the target name anywhere in the filename.
For example if I enter wind
I get all files starting with wind as well as all such files with wind anywhere in them, such as options-distort-wind.png and MacWindowViews.h
Can you give us some specific examples where this fails?
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Apr 29, 2009 3:27 PM