Mac Mini Drivers For Xp

Mac Mini Drivers For Xp

From the “let’s give credit when credit is due” file: forum member “dcist” posted the following video driver fix for the Mac Mini which if followed correctly, does not brick your Mac!

After installing Windows XP on the Mini and before installing any drivers I then copied over and re-blessed the “made for mini” xom.efi file with the original version (xom.efi from version 0.1) that “dcist” refers to in the video driver installation instructions. In order to run Mac OS X Applications that leverage the CUDA architecture of certain NVIDIA graphics cards, users will need to download and install the 7.5.20 driver for Mac located here. New in Release 346.03.02f01: Graphics driver updated for Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11 (15A284). This is the magic driver zip that has all the drivers necessary to get pretty much the entire Mac Mini rocking: Here's a couple pics to prove the stuff is all installed. We're aware you can't be sure that everything is working based on these screenshots, but you'll have to take our word for it. Once Windows XP is installed, you will need to insert the Mac Mini's Mac OS X Install DVD that came with your Mac Mini to install the Windows XP Drivers. Once that is complete, you will need to update the 'Boot Camp Control Panel' utility on Windows XP by launching. B109n Hp Wireless Photosmart Drivers For Windows Mac. If the cable from your external display, hard drive, or other device doesn't connect to the thunderbolt 3 usb-c ports on your mac mini, you might need an adapter. Put your windows 10 iso content into it. To repair your mac mini.

I have found one item of note (as a newbee) in that when installing WinXP on my Mini I was unable to use the original xom.efi file as it would not allow the WinXP files to copy – so, I used the one which was posted specifically for the Mini (MacMiniXom.Zip) one the forum and was able to copy the system files at that time. After installing Windows XP on the Mini and before installing any drivers I then copied over and re-blessed the “made for mini” xom.efi file with the original version (xom.efi from version 0.1) that “dcist” refers to in the video driver installation instructions. I realize that this is a “known” fix for the Mac Mini BUT it is a necessary series of steps to take to use this video driver update.

Here is the text of “dcist’s” posting from earlier this week:


I think I’ve re-figured out how I got the Dell/Intel source drivers to install. Here's the process that worked for my mini from a complete reformat and repartition; that is, starting from square one of the how-to on the wiki.

I believe the trick is that one of the DLL's from the Intel installer hangs the system (if you install the Intel Divers without disabling the Video Controller entries, you'll see the installer hang on a particular DLL every time). However, once you install the dell drivers on top of the Intel install, you can enable the Intel set without issue. Without doing this overlay, every time you enable the top of the pair of Intel sourced device entries the system hangs. Thorough details follow:

System: Mac Mini 1.66 Duo/512mb/80gb/SD/GMA950/AP/BT (Part No. MA206LL/A)

Note: Installation is done on the VGA connection till the stage in the below instructions note that I switched over to DVI once the drivers were installed.


xom.efi from version 0.1 ( XP SP 2 install disc

Follow the installation instructions exactly to every detail. (

Mac Mini Drivers For Xp

This time I received no install errors, and I received no text EFI bootloader messages after selecting windows to boot from. Many of my prior attempts did see things like 2000:OE46: int 13_4B2000:0F16: int 13_48etc.pop up on the screen between the grey background grey windows logo and the Win XP start screen. This time there is none of that, and I can not explain why =(

Once XP Is installed, Install the known drivers for Enet, WiFi, Chipset, and Sound. ( Reboot as required (at least for the chipset drivers)

All are working on my mini, I have sound via the optical out. I have no idea how to switch from Optical to Headphone output But optical works for me =)

Now start the Video Driver fun:

1) In the Control Panel -> System -> Hardware -> Device Manager

Under the '?-Other Devices' section

Disable the 'Video Controller' and 'Video Controller (Vga Compatible)' entries (either right click ->disable, or click the disable icon in the tool bar once one is selected)

2) Reboot (i.e. shutdown, and manually hold in the power button for 5 sec once the mouse freezes and the power light is out)

3) Run the Intel sourced drivers from ( installer (win2k_xp141950.exe).The install process should not freeze as the target entries in the Device Manager are disabled.

4) Reboot

5) Extract the Dell sourced drivers from ( installer (R98241.exe)to a folder of your choice via WinZip (thanks for the reminder on this pesos)This example uses c:delldriversR92841

6) Manually install the dell drivers on the two remaining 'unknown devices' in the Device Manager's '?-Other Devices' section.This involves right click ->'Update Driver', In the popup Hardware Update Wizard click 'No not at this time' then next'Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)' then next'Don't search.....' then next'Have Disk...' then nextbrowse to c:delldriversR92841Win2000ialmnt5.inf, click open.Click 'OK' now that the 'Install From Disk' dialogue has the above path in the 'Copy manufacturer's files from:' box.Select the 'Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family' model, then next.Click 'Yes' to the warning dialogueDrivers install. They now appear in the Display section of the Device Manager, with Exclamations (device unable to start)

7) Reboot

8) Disable the 'Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family' entries in the Device Manager's Display section

9) Reboot

10) Enable the 'Mobile Intel(R) 945GM Express Chipset Family' entries in the Device Manager's Display section,STARTING WITH THE BOTTOM ONE OF THE PAIR. (not sure whether this is important,but as the top one always hung the system in my multitudes of test prior to gettingthis to work again, I always stated with the bottom one)

11) Reboot

12) Uninstall the 'Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family' in the device manager by right click->uninstall

13) Reboot AT THIS POINT DVI IS WORKING (it may work at one of the prior stages but this is when I switched from VGA to DVI)

14) Disable the two 'Unknown Device' entries in the device manager's '?-Other Devices' section to not be pestered by the 'found new hardware' dialogues at every boot.

From Onimaru78 : Just to confirm, these steps worked perfectly for me, and now everything is peachy with the card. I'd also like to point out for the adventurous that I actually did the entire install on DVI. As long as the full resolution wasn't used for the CHUI portion of the install, I did not have any problems, and using the Mini-specific xom.efi took care of that for me.

It is worth noting, though, that we are not out of the woods yet on this one. While this does get the display working correctly at native resolution, the driver does not correctly support switching video modes (at least for the Apple displays), and thus anything that tries to switch the video mode will give one a whole lot of blank screen with angrily flashing power LEDs. If anyone knows of / finds / makes a workaround for this, I'm sure we'd all be interested.

Mac Mini Drivers For Xp 64-bit

From Dan19USA: FWIW: Mini Core Solo user here with a DVI connection (27' LCD TV), was having problems with directions below. It kept bricking my Windows XP drive after trying to install the Intel software. I re-did the Windows installation and ONLY installed the dell driver using the directions below but ONLY installed it to the Video Controller (VGA). The other adapter I left as-is in the other devices. In my device manager, I now have: Display Adapters -> Intel (R) 82954G Express Chipset Family. The other video controller is still untouched in Other Devices. If I go into properties I am shown the 'Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Mobile' tab. Tu13es: That's exactly my situation also.

  • Install Windows XP
  • Install these drivers FIRST.
  • Download the Dell drivers from here.
  • Extract the files to your HDD
  • Run setup.exe. It will tell you setup cant be done. Just press cancel.
  • Go to system ---> hardware ----> device manager
  • You will see 2 video device
  • Click on the device ---> install drivers ---> choose no, not this time ---> choose install from a list (2nd option) ---> choose dont search--> click next --> choose display adapters ---> click on have disk ----> Go to the folder where you extracted the files ---> click on dellwin2000ialmt5.inf ---> click on open ----> it will install the display drivers. Do the same with the other video device.
  • Reboot your system
  • WINXP will find a new video device just ignore it.
  • Download the Intel software from here.
  • Run setup. The system will freeze
  • Restart
  • Go to system --> hardware --> device manager
  • Click on the video device
  • Install the Dell drivers (same way as above)
  • At the end it will tell you it need a Intel.... file
  • Click on browse ---> go to windowssystem32 and click on
  • The install will continue
  • It will tell you it need a ... file
  • Go back to the dell driver (dellwin2000ialmt5.inf)
  • Setup will ask again for the windowssystem32 and click on file
  • Do this till setup is completed
  • Reboot your system
  • Enjoy your Mac mini with DVI and hardware acc. =)

Special thanks to thebalaa for finding this out

For more info see here.

Hint! Check out this step-by-step! (from the above thread, page 14)

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Mac Mini Drivers For Xp

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Mac Drivers For Windows 10

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