Mac Foundations For Oily Skin

Shopping for the ideal foundation is challenging as you need to find one that matches your skin tone and skin type while allowing you to look flawless by concealing any imperfections. Most people prefer the Nars Sheer Glow foundation or the Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation because of the high-quality and versatility. Let us quickly delve into this Nars Sheer Glow vs. Mac Studio Fix review and find out which is the better foundation for oily skin.

Being that I have oily skin, I can personally attest that having this type of skin is a pain. Despite many people telling me repeatedly that I will age well because of my skin, it does not help that I always have to worry about my face creeping throughout the day. I have to continually look in the mirror to make sure that my foundation has not slid off to the outer edges of my face or into my hair or just blatantly disappeared.

As there is various foundation available in the market designed especially for the oily and acne-prone skin, one with the oily skin can prevent the skin from getting greasy with its application. Such oil soaking up foundations will act as a sponge and absorb the oil that appears throughout the day. A preparatory step that MAC have that I believe is working well for my oily skin is the MAC Prep + Prime -Skin Refined Zone Treatment. It is a light, oil-free emulsion that helps cloak visible pores while controlling oil and shine. It goes on wet but when dried it is very matt. Make sure it is dry before applying make-up.

As such, I have discovered that using a rigorous skincare routine, a good quality primer, and a foundation that is explicitly for my skin type aids in keeping my makeup grease-free throughout the entire day. As a matter of fact, I only use foundations that have specific pigments that control and balance the oil on my face to give me a flawless matte finish. Mac and Nars are two of the most popular makeup brands available in the market. They both produce high-quality products suitable for various skin types. In this review, we shall look at how effective is Nars Sheer Glow and Mac Studio Fix for oily skin types.

Mac face powder for oily skin

Mac Foundation For Oily Skin Shades

But first, what are the major differences between Nars Sheer Glow and Mac Studio Fix?

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation
Color shades
Over 60 shades
Perfect for all skin types
Coverage and texture
Light to medium coverage with a lightweight and watery texture
Lasting power
8 hours

Nars Sheer Glow vs. Mac Studio Fix Foundation – How do they differ?

Color shades

If you want a natural-looking and flawless look, you should choose a foundation that matches your skin color to the T. Finding out your skin type, and its undertone helps when it comes to choosing the perfect foundation for oily skin. Different foundation brands produce their products in different color shades to cater to the diverse needs of its customer base.

The Sheer Glow Foundation from Nars comes in 40 distinct shades while Mac studio Fix Fluid Foundation is available in more than 60 shades. As such, whether you have a dark or yellowish complexion, you are likely to find a preferable color shade from any of these two brands.

Skin type suitability

As discussed earlier, the type of your skin and its undertone significantly contribute to the kind of foundation you are likely to purchase. If you have skin that naturally shines more than a glazed donut, you have to specifically look for a foundation that stays in place all day and controls the excessive amount of oil on your face. It is advisable to stay away from foundations that contain a glowy finish, and instead choose that which is oil-free and gives you a matte finish.

The Nars Sheer Glow Foundation is a luminous foundation that is perfect for all skin types, especially those with normal to dry skin. It contains unique ingredients that even out your skin tone while hydrating it, allowing it to feel smooth and soft throughout the day.

On the other hand, Mac Studio Fix Foundation is an oil-free foundation ideal for oily and combination skin types. It provides a full and flawless finish that leaves your face evened out while absorbing the excess oil on your face.

Coverage and texture

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation is an impeccable and buildable foundation that gives you a natural glowy finish while evening out your complexion when used daily. The foundation provides light to medium coverage to give you a sheer and natural-looking finish. It is a water-based foundation, meaning it is somewhat runny when it comes to its texture. As such, with just one drop, you can fully cover your entire face as it blends easily despite using a brush or a blender.

Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation is also water-based, but it is slightly thicker in texture when compared to Nars Sheer Glow Foundation. It also contains medium to full coverage and covers up textured skin as well as evens out the complexion. The foundation’s fluid nature allows it to blend effortlessly into the skin, but you have to beware of its chemical scent that can greatly put you off.

Lasting power

Mac Foundations For Oily Skin

The lasting power of any foundation determines the duration in which it will give you that flawless finish without the need for any significant touch-ups. Many foundation brands are long-wear, meaning they can stay on your face flawlessly for even an entire day. However, you must also use a powder for a natural-looking matte finish.

The Nars Sheer Glow Foundation has incredible staying power that it can withstand the harsh or sharp lights of the club or evening streets even after wearing it for an entire day. It can last effortlessly for more than six hours, and you will rarely need to touch it up.

Alternatively, Mac Studio Fix Foundation can stay on your face for more than eight hours, both during the day and at night. It contains UVA/UVB SPF 15 daily protection that provides you with the perfect matte finish complimenting the daylight.

Nars Sheer Glow vs. Mac Studio Fix reviews


If you prefer a slight natural glow to the skin, the Sheer Glow Foundation from Nars is an ideal option. Ideal for all skin types, this liquid foundation provides a satin finish and has incredible staying power. It has light to medium coverage and is available in 40 shades, with those that even suit dark and pale skin tones. This foundation comes in a 30ml glass jar with a matte black top lid, making it relatively easy to access. However, its bottle does not have a pump, as the brand charges extra for the pump on its site.

With this liquid foundation, you will have an iconic glow in no time as it comes complete with a variety of skincare benefits as well as Nars Complexion Brightening Formula, which evens the skin while leaving it moisturized, softer and smoother. It is essential to note that oily skin types cannot use this sheer liquid foundation without a primer and powder to ensure it holds throughout the day.


Mac Foundation For Oily Skin Review

  • Available in 40 shades
  • Ideal for all skin types
  • Light to medium coverage
  • It provides a beautiful and natural-looking sheer glow


  • The bottle does not come with a pump as it is sold separately
  • People with slightly oilier skin type need to use a primer and powder to maximize its lasting power

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Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation is the brand’s most famous foundation and for a good reason. It is a modern foundation that combines medium to full buildup coverage with UV protection and a natural matte finish. The foundation contains an oil-controlling formula that helps you minimize the appearance of imperfections and pores, leaving your skin looking flawless and smoother.

Available in more than 60 shades, all skin types can use this foundation, but it is most suitable for oily and combination skin types. The foundation comes in an easy to open cylindrical glass bottle with a lid of the same shape with a rubber finish. However, the bottle does not come with an applicator or a pump, meaning you have to pour the foundation out.

Best Mac Foundations For Oily Skin


  • Reduces the appearance of pores and imperfections, while controlling shine and oil
  • Perfect for all skin types, especially oily skin
  • Long-wearing foundation with staying power of 24 hours
  • It does not cake during application
  • Non-streaking and non-drying
  • Excellent for taking photos


  • It is slightly thick, especially for those who prefer a lightweight foundation
  • The bottle does not come with a pump

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When applying makeup, you must create a good base that will hold it all together and leave your face looking flawless. Just like many other women who use makeup, it took me quite a while to settle with a particular foundation brand suitable for my skin type and undertone. Out of these two popular brands, I had the best experience and result with Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. Not only is it easy to apply, but it is also quite affordable and gives my oily skin a beautiful matte finish that lasts for the entire day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know which Mac shade is suitable for your skin type

Best Foundation For Oily Skin

Mac Foundations For Oily Skin

Before shopping for foundation, you first have to determine your skin tone and its undertone. Once you have this knowledge, the Mac website has a New Foundation Shade finder to help you in finding which Mac foundation shade is best for you.

Does Nars Sheer Glow Foundation oxidize?

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation has light to medium buildable coverage to give you smooth, soft, and natural-looking skin. Its watery base makes it relatively easy to apply and is ideal for most skin types. However, this liquid foundation does oxidize to become a darker shade after a few hours of application.

Mac Foundations For Oily Skin

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