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Visio 2010 free download - Visio Converter, Apple iMac OS X 10.6.4 Update for Mac Mid 2010, SmartMusic 2010, and many more programs. While Microsoft doesn't have a desktop version of Visio for macOS, you can still work on Visio files on a Mac in your web browser. Visio for the web lets you view, create, and edit diagrams in the Safari or Chrome browser on your Mac. There's nothing to install. You just need a Visio Plan 1 subscription, which you can get on a monthly or annual. The Creately has over 1000 diagram templates and symbols the application can be run on.

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If you looking for Microsoft Visio alternative for your Mac. Then you’ve visited on right article Microsoft Visio is diagramming and vector graphics application specially developed for visual communication. However, there are some of the drawbacks in Visio program.

  • Visio Microsoft professional version can cost $590
  • It doesn’t support sync with Microsoft Projects
  • The interface of Microsoft Office Visio is difficult to understand for users

Let’s look for Visio alternatives and their features and compare them with Visio Professional version. We have gathered some of the best Viso alternatives for free of cost for Mac users.

There is some best alternative for Microsoft Visio app that can replace Viso Professional version in Mac and they can be cheaper compared to Viso program with some new features. First, we start with a free version and then with paid Visio alternative.

Free Viso Alternative For Mac OS X

List of free Visio Alternative that can replace Microsoft Office Visio Professional version from your Mac device. There are lots of free diagramming software that offer multiple features same as Visio Office for free or cheaper prices.

Here is the list of some of the best free Visio alternatives that you can select to replace Microsoft Visio.

The Creately has over 1000 diagram templates and symbols the application can be run on Windows and Mac, Linux. It also offers free online collaboration program and some other features such as Google Image Search, Share Project on social sites.

In comparison Creately way to better than Microsoft Visio. It has more features compared to the Visio program. It allows you to create the flowchart, UML diagram, mockups, mind maps, wireframe and lot more. In terms of prices the company offers 5 diagrams for free and after that, you’ve to pay $5 per month for personal use only.

Download: Creately For Mac

Lucid Chart is also a great diagramming software for Mac. It’s is also a great replacement for Microsoft Visio. According to the Lucid Chart company statement “Thousands of company has switched from Visio to Lucid Chart”.

The software offers more real-time features compare to Visio office. Lucid Chart supports drag and drop functionality simplify for example you can draw line easily by dragging from the edge on an object. The company has hosted with multiple secure data centers such as Amazon Web Services.

Website: Lucid Chart

Edraw is an online drawing tool from which you can create your diagrams through your Mac device. The software supports over 260+ drawing types including mind maps, flowchart, floor plans and lot more.

The software supports 12000+ built-in vector symbols and template with thousands of free examples. In terms of Import and Export, you can easily export your diagram into PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, SVG and Import Visio files. With the help of Edraw, you can create fashion design, fault tree, business chart, Gantt chart from your Mac device. It’s also the best Visio alternative for project management.

Edraw is free to download with limited features for advanced features and full access you’ve to buy its premium version for $179 for personal use only.

Download: Edraw For Mac is same as other online diagram maker app from which you can easily create your project such as flow chart with the help of templates, symbols, and some other tools. Its cloud-based online diagramming software which saves your project to Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive or you can export your project to your own Mac system.

With the help of features like “More Shapes” and Scratchpad, you can easily add more symbols, shapes, and images to your project with drag and drop function.


Microsoft visio online for mac

5 # Libre Office

The LibreOffice for Mac is a free software for diagram making it’s a great Visio alternative. It’s similar to Visio Office you can draw side by side and lot more diagrams because of its simple user-friendly interface.

Microsoft Visio For Mac Os

The software runs on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. It’s free to use with limited features. One of its great features is Libre Office probably lets you carry any of its tools from the flash drive or hard drive.

Download: LibreOffice for Mac

6 # YED Graph Editor

yEd graph editor is an open source diagramming tool that can be used for creating quick and effective projects with graphics and diagrams. With this tool, you can create a Flow Chart, UML diagrams, Fashion Design and lot more.

The tool offers thousands of templates, symbols, and objects to help professionals to make great diagrams with the help of this yED Graph Editor. You can easily import Visio files and export your project to your device without having a hassle.

Download: yEd Graph Editor For Mac

7 # Dia Diagram Editor

Dia Diagram Editor is an online diagram maker lets you create dynamic diagrams for your school projects and business charts. The software has the easy interface that helps you to create the flowchart, UML diagrams through thousand of templates along with the free example.

The software supports on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Dia Diagram Editor supports 30 different diagram types like network diagram, database model and lot more. There are more than thousands of objects help you to draw the professional diagram.

Download: Dia for Mac

Paid Visio Alternative (Diagramming Software) For Mac

Until now you’ve seen some of best free Visio alternative that allows you to draw for free on desktop or online through the internet connection on a browser. But there is the limitation of using them you can’t get full access to free diagramming software.

However, there are some of the software companies who offer cheaper diagramming software in comparison to Microsoft Visio with new features that can’t be found in Viso Office. Check out the list given below.

8 # Ardoq

The Ardoq is a great Visio alternative it’s also known Norwegian Microsoft Visio alternative. The software is specially developed for project managers, process owners, architects. With the help of Ardoq, you can easily convert complex information into the infographic chart or flow chart.

The software work as a project manager for drawing difficult business charts. The software has thousands of diagrams which help you to input your data and immediately start visualizing it. In terms of interactions, the users can Import files from Excel and Visio Office, Visualize the Docker Stack, Generate documentation.

Ardoq is a cloud-based software that lets you work together with your office members or with your colleagues from anywhere.

Compatible: JavaDoc, .Net Assembly Documentation Tool, API Import Tool, Jira, Excel

Price: 30 Days Free Trial (Maximin 10 Users)

Download: Ardoq for Mac

9 # Gliffy

You can use Gliffy as Flow Chart software, network diagram software, floor plan software, Org Chart Software, Venn Diagram software and lot more. The software work directly in your web browser and its supports Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Gliffy is far cheaper than Microsoft Visio and its a great replacement for Visio office. The interface of the program is quite simple with drag and drop function. However, the software doesn’t have many template options. But it’s also listed in Visio alternative.

Prices: Free Version available ($4.99 per month with full access ) for teamwork.

Website: Gliffy

10 # OmniGraffle

OmniGraffle 7 for Mac is an effective software and best Visio alternative in terms of prices and features. The software specially developed for artboard presentation for creating mockup documentation and lot more.

In features OmniGraffle has Touch Bar, Infinite Canvas, Convert Text to Shapes, Convert Line to Shapes, Point Editor tool and much more. With OmniGraffle software, you can draw eye-popping graphics documentation by lines and shapes and given templates along with symbols.

You can also import and export Microsoft Visio files and edit them with styling tools and other diagramming tools. with the keyboard shortcut for Zoom In and Zoom Out or previewing the presentation before saving it.

Prices: Free Version Available 14 days trial ($99.99 per month for OmniGraffle 7 )

Website: OmniGraffle For Mac

11 # ConceptDraw Pro

ConceptDraw Pro is full-featured diagramming software that lets you create, preview and edit presentation. Basically, the software is developed for project management for business owners. The interface of the software is quite simple all you’ve to do is to fill out the data in the given templates and your chart will be prepared.

There is two version of this software ConceptDraw PROJECT and ConceptDraw Pro. If you need an online diagram maker tool with complete features and full access. Then I recommend you ConceptDraw PRO which is and a great replacement for Visio.

Prices: $199 per month (Professional use only )

Website: ConceptDraw Pro

12 # SimpleDiagrams

SimpleDiagram is a desktop online diagram maker which lets you create simple diagrams quickly without having a hassle. If you’re a college student, in this case, this is one of the best Visio alternatives for you. Because, it is cheaper, easy to use, supports clear sketches of symbols.

You can get 7 days trial package for free after that you’ve to pay $49 per month for complete access. There are some new features that you get when you buy a full version of SimpleDiagrams.

SimpleDiagram comes with 500 pre-drawn shapes, create custom libraries for your own shapes. Its also allow you to export your project work to PDG, SVG, and PNG.

Prices: 14 days free trial after that ($49 per month )

Website: SimpleDiagrams

13 # DiagramPainter

DiagramPainter comes with multiple diagrams including intelligent line docking algorithms with objects. with this software, you can quickly create flowcharts, mind mappings, organization charts and lot more.

The software supports both Windows and Mac OS X but it was best known for Mac devices. It also supports Rich Text which means you can directly type your text into the diagram. You can also export and import Visio files into DiagramPainter from your Mac system.

Prices: 30 days free trial after that ($32 per month)

Website: DiagramPainter

14 # Zengobi Curio

Zengobi Curio 11 is a great Visio alternative. Its supports multiple features of diagramming software that let you draw your project in few easily in few steps. However its a complex diagramming software but it has lots of features that you needed for your diagram project.

The Curio 11 is specially developed for Students, Web developers, Scientists, Videographers, Programmers, Product Managers, Project Lenders and much more. The Zengobi Curio 11 comes with Rich Text, Sticky lines, Flowcharting shapes. Import and Export as text, Images, PDG, HTML, CSV, OPML and some other formats.

Prices: Free Version Available ($70.79 per month with core features)

Website: Curio 11 For Mac

15 # Draw Anywhere

DrawAnywhere is an online diagramming tool from which you can draw diagram through your web browser and save it on your device. With this software, you can draw FlowCharts, Process Diagrams, Network Diagrams and lot more.

The software also allows you to share your diagram project with other on social network sites or through an individual link. You can also export your diagram into image files (JPG, PNG ) etc.

Prices: 30 Days Free Trial Version after that ($30 per year for the single user)

Website: DrawAnywhere

As you know, Microsoft Visio is the most popular diagramming tool. However. the software is quite expensive. That’s where a good Visio alternative comes in.

To find an alternative to Visio, I looked at Visio competitors that are affordable, can sync with a project management software platform, and alternatives with good customer reviews. Here are the best Visio alternatives that are free to use or cheap for Mac and Windows.


LucidChart is a free online Flowchart Maker. It’s also one of the best free alternatives to Visio. What I like about LucidChart is that you can have more than one team member work on a project. And, the drag and drop interface makes it easier to navigate and get work done in less time.

Mac Os Visio Viewer

Another cool feature is that it can import or export Microsoft Visio.vdx files. But, there are also some things that I do not like.

For example, it does not categorize shapes. So, you have to look and choose different shapes for diagrams carefully. And, you can only open 3 active documents at one time.

I do like that there’s no need to install any software as it’s a free web program. This means that you can work on your project from mobile (Android & iOS) as well as MacOS or Windows via a web browser.

But, to be honest, some people find that not having a stand alone software for desktop a con. After all, not everyone likes having their work stored on the web.

Another good online diagramming software is It’s a Visio like software free online for Android, iOS, MacOs, and Windows. And, it even runs on ChromeOS. There’s no need to create an account.

You just go to the website and start working. You can save your designs to Google Drive, Dropbox or locally on your PC. Also, it can import and exportMicrosoft Visio.vdx files.

However, given that it’s free to use, advanced tools like those of Microsoft Visio are not present. And, the interface may take some getting used to. But, what can I say? It’s a free Visio alternative.

yED Graph Editor

yED Graph Editor is another completely free diagramming software. It works on Windows, macOS, and Linux/Unix. But, it does not work on ChromeOS.

The good thing about is that though its cross-platform, there’s a native app for each platform. I like to manually create diagrams but, for those of us that want a bit of automation, yED can automatically creates diagrams from imported data.

All in all, it’s a great Visio replacement. And, while it may not have advanced features like Visio or LucidChart, it gets the job done 90% of the time.


For those of you who want Visio for Mac, OmniGraffle is the perfect replacement. It’s only available for MacOS. It has a beautiful and easy to use interface. And, it’s also one of the easiest diagram software to learn.

  • Beautiful UI/UX design.
  • Support for Visio files import and Export.
  • ayered documents.
  • Shape recognition and blending modes.
  • PNG, PGF, SVG, and Photoshop export.
  • OmniPresence documents sync automation with JavaScript and AppleScript.

Those are just some of the best features. The only con is that it only works on Mac OS X. Other than that, it’s one of the best Project Management Software for Mac.

Pencil Project

If you want a free open source Visio alternative, Pencil Project is the software for you. It’s cross-platform with native apps for macOS, Windows, and Linux.

It has pre-installed templates, and stencils, an excellent collection of shape and an easy to use interface.

There’s an extensive list of tools to create flowcharts, diagrams and whatever you need. And, being open source, updates are frequent and swift.

However, there is no web-based service available. Hence, Chromebook users cannot use the software.


Microsoft Visio For Mac Download

Are you an architect or project manager? Then, Ardoq is the Microsoft Visio alternative you need. The key features are:

  • Review and analyze data
  • Automatic diagram creation
  • Live data update
  • Grouping
  • Conditional formatting
  • Global Search with revision history
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Handle complex datasets
  • Powerful built-in data editing tools
  • Customisable Metamodels

Ardoq offers a free trial and you can request pricing on their website. And, while it may not be the cheapest option, it deserves a spot on the list if only for it’s features and compatibility with other programs.

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Final Thoughts

Is There A Microsoft Visio For Mac

These Microsoft Visio alternatives get the job done. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, there’s something for you. There are free alternatives, some are cross-platform, some are web-based, and others might require a small fee. Whatever the case, with these alternatives to Visio, you have options.