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The weekly report for Hackers’ Night!

Beat The Heat!! Thursday June 18 2020

Talk about HOT!! The heat was getting to most of us on the Back Nine but nobody was HOTTER than Our Own Bobby Doner! Wow!! “79” That is one terrific score for HH… even in cooler conditions. Well Done Robert! Ken T. and Rick weren’t too shabby either with scores of 88 and 89 respectively but well behind Bobby “D”.

Warren Green led his foursome with a scorching 84. He has been a very good addition to our Hackers’ Group. Socially, as well as being a very good player. Trailing Warren was Wayne, with an 89 and winner of the Longest Drive on #12. Due to the intense heat, Wayne and Alan wisely decided to head back to The Beach and to heck with the hole prize spoils! I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that our beloved Iron Man Gordo, with pin point accuracy, walked away with the Closest to the Pin prize on #3. Well Done Son!!

As you can see by the weekly chart, the other winners were JP…89 O’B…91 Nick…92. Congrats!

It was cool to see all of us sitting on the steps, in the shade, in front of the clubhouse, consuming some cold refreshments! Shag has been in contact with the new manager of St. Louis Bar and Grill. With the present setup being on the patio only, they will not be able to accommodate 16 – 20 of us Apres Golf. The Good News is… we will be able to support Heritage Hills and we will all get home earlier on Thursday Nights. Unless….a few of us old Die Hards drop in to St. Louis on our way home?? Just to keep things open for negotiations with St. Louis for 2021. That was Shag’s Suggestion! I told you he was getting better!

​ “My goal during this pandemic was to exercise a lot and lose 10pounds. Only have 14 to go”.

We have 10 players confirmed for next Thursday June 25.

Thursday June 11 2020

TrulyA Round of Surprises!

Surprise #1…. was to discover that Heritage Hills (H.H.) had equipped the majority of their carts with clear, plastic dividers to allow us to have 2 players per cart!! By COVID-19 specifications, they may not be close to ideal but they will certainly reduce the amount of wear and tear on our slowly aging Hackers’ Bodies. Plus, I will have more opportunities to mix and max 4-somes and Gillie and Frenchie won’t be paired up with Officer Rick so often.

Surprise #2…. was to see two of our top golfers, Jerry and Bob Doner, out for the first time this season to Scramble with us and an opportunity to meet some of the New Hackers. The icing on the cake will be when our Good Buddy Shag, tees it up with us in early July! It will be great to see him.

Surprise #3…. was when Bob Doner relayed a message to me from Nick, that he had been in a fender bender as he was leaving home for the course. I spoke with Nick after golf and he is fine but there was some damage to the rear end of his Honda SUV. That meant that his 4-some would have to play with………..A GHOST!

Surprise #4…. might have been one of the best rounds in Hackers’ History! The 2:10 group with Ken T. (too often referred to as “Wayne” by yours truly), Warren, Gordo and The GHOST recorded an amazing score of 35+34 for a total of 69 or 3 under par with a total of 5 birdies. It was great to see the birdies on #11 and #16 (which can be really troublesome holes for the rest of us)…..but to birdie #7 and #8 (rated the 2nd most difficult hole on the course) is quite a feat. Well done! Thanks to Ken T. for collecting the scorecards.

Our Webmaster Grayl will be in touch re. some changes to our Hackersweebee Website with regards to confirming your participation each week. We have averaged 20 Hackers for the past 3 Thursdays. Jason at H.H. has confirmed 5 tee times for us each week. We need to continue to be vigilant re. social distancing both on the course and on the patio Apres Golf.


Stay Safe!


Friday June 4 2020

Tune in tomorrow Sat. June 5…. as Bill has had a nice family dinner this evening and along with some wine and a rum starter. Finished the report on last night’s winners but will continue to mellow here at the Cabana and listen to some cool tunes by J J Cale and Eric Clapton. Until tomorrow My Mateees! BMac

Sat. June 5 (cont’d.)

It was great to see so many of us enjoying a refreshment and shooting the breeze over the intense competition of the games. Thanks to Rick for setting out the 2 proximity markers and Pete for picking them up. Welcome to our 3 newbies to the Hackers. Almost 100% of our group are using the website to confirm for the following week. Your “no reply” confirmation emails come to me and after I have received 2 or 3 of them, I enter your names on the Thursday Hackers’ Website. With an average of 20 entrees per week, I don’t have the time to put each individual name on to the site as soon as they are received. I appreciate especially, those who have volunteered to walk 18 holes each Thursday. I spoke to Jason but they do not have enough carts in their stable to give us more than 2 carts per 4-some. We had been getting $10 off our green fee for those walking 18 holes and partnered with a player who needs a cart full time. There was a new girl at the desk this Thursday and she had not been advised by Jason, that the cart fee was to be taken off those Hackers walking 18 holes. I will arrange a meeting with Jason at Heritage on Monday, and get this settled. Last year, I sent Jason a copy of the Weekly Chart and he would make a copy and post it for his staff. This year with all the different restrictions and duties, he has not been doing so. I will bring a printed copy to the pro shop each Thursday, with the names of the 18 hole walkers hi-lited for the desk personnel. Hopefully, that will help those Hackers who are able and willing to take the 18 hole trek. I will send an email out on Monday to our Hackers with some suggestions to help smooth the transition for our group during these pandemic situations. Thank you for your patience!!

Have A Great Weekend!


Type here Bill


Aug. 08, 2019

After all the uncertainty re. the weather forecast, it turned out to be a very conducive afternoon for golfing. A nice breeze and a comfortable temperature were par for the course! It was a great surprise to see Shag show up on the tee to join Keith, Nick and Frank. His initial intentions were to just chip and putt but you can’t keep A Good Man Down! The first group with Ken T. and Ken F. squeaked by Gillie and Wayne 83 to 84. Peter was on top of his game! He single-handily coasted to a 38-43 front 9. Rick and O’B found their game on the back 9 with a score of 45-44. Mac tagged on to Pete’s coat tails as they won 82-88! Kevin and his good friend Gord Williams declared that “they had fun?” as they were on the short end of a 91-84 score at the hands of Ken B. and Cliff! I have been told that Cliff was doctoring the face of his driver with some mysterious elixir?? Although Keith and Shag walked away with the loot, I heard that Nick had a pretty good game in the loss. Last but not least….Shanny’s flatstick was red hot again and he won handily. If Grayley had his own clubs, it may have been a different story. Sid was nice enough to share his weapons with Our Webmaster!

Great turnout at St. Louis as we warranted Two PLates of Team Nachos on the house. Our new server Ben did a great job, considering he had our group plus 4 other booths to look after.

Only 2 more Thursday Hackers to go before our Hackers’ Cup on Sat. Aug. 24.

If you think it’s hard to meet new people, try picking up the wrong golf ball. ~Jack Lemmon

Aug 01, 2019

It was a quiet night on the links on Thursday! Twelve hardy souls battled the heat, consumed litres of H2O and scrambled to the finish in just over 4 hours. The eventual winners were Kevin, Sid, Gordo and Nick. Gordo had to send his regrets as he and Myna were embarking on a 10 day visit to see Gordo’s son Mike and family in Nova Scotia. Shanny had a burger in Gordo’s place at St. Louis and I had Gordo’s share of the free plate of nachos. Shag is recovering nicely at his lovely home on the lake. Enjoying the sun and beautiful vista from his back porch viewing area. He sends his best to all the Hackers and hopes to be back swinging a club in a few weeks. Helen is doing a wonderful job caring for Shag and keeping him in good spirits.

Hack Game For Pc


I will be updating the Hackers’ Cup website this week with details for Sat. Aug. 24.

July 25, 2019

Sorry for any confusion caused by the Game Format yesterday. The 4-somes were just playing a 2-person scramble on all holes. As we had one 3-some, I had to change the format slightly so that they could determine a winner. I put the game details on the website and sent a copy to each of the 3 players involved. As Cliff pointed out after their match, there was some maneuvering in their 3-some… where a player may purposely play an approach shot to the fringe but not on the green, so as to get the ball closest to the hole on their next shot. That strategy works great for “Bingo Bango Bongo” but in this format that would add an extra shot to that person’s score which would defeat the object of the game which is to achieve the lowest score. Cliff assured me that all went well and Ken French was the eventual winner!

Bob and JP had a tough time keeping Ken Taylor and Gordo at bay, as they squeaked by with a score of 82 to 79. O’B and Mac took turns as a two-some, alternating good shots with not-so-good shots. This scramble format is very forgiving when that pattern of shot making occurs. Alan, as per usual, was bombing them down the fairways, while Grayley had some great shots off the tee with his newly found 3 hybrid club. Unbeknownst to O’B and Mac, on #18 fairway, on their 2nd shot, behind their cart, Alan teed up his ball, used his driver and blasted another bomb towards the green. Those 2 lads had more fun than anyone last night! And that’s what it’s all about folks.

I don’t say my golf game is bad, but if I grew tomatoes, they’d come up sliced.

~ Arnold Palmer

July 18, 2019

Another scorcher on Thursday evening! We had two 3-somes and two 4-somes competing. In the first 3-some, the scores were close with Scotty L. taking top honours with a 79. Kevin and Pete gave Scotty a run for his toonie with scores of 83 and 86 respectively.

“Iron Man” Gordo cleaned up in the 2nd 3-some with an 84…great score Gordo!! Not one 7 or 8 on his scorecard. Ken B. (just back from camping) recorded an 89 with Gillie not too far behind. In the 4-somes, Keith and Frank showed no mercy in defeating Alan and New Beach Boy Terry Gaudet (welcome Terry) 204 – 211. Nick and Mac had trouble staying ahead of Grayley and Shanny as Shanny had the hot flatstick going from 4 feet, especially on the front 9.

Thank goodness fatigue set in and the putter cooled off later in the round. Grayley was still striping them off the tee. On the par 4 341 yd. #14….Grayley’s ball stopped 5 yds. inside the red 100 yd marker for a Holy Mother fu–a drive of 246 yds. He hit the green on his 2nd shot and 2 putted for a par. A Thing of Beauty! In spite of the heroics of the aforementioned..slow and sometimes steady Nick and Mac prevailed in the end. Thank God there are no pictures on the scorecard!

If profanity had any influence on the flight of theball, the game of golf would be played far better than it is.

~Horace G. Hutchinson

July 11, 2019

The rain forecasted for Thursday failed to materialize and we enjoyed a beautiful afternoon of golf on The Hills of Heritage! It appears that the Bingo Bango Bongo format was a Big Hit. The 18 hole scores and points totals on the chart, do not truly reflect the intensity and fun shared by all. Though Jerry and Shag both shot a sizzling “82”…Shag administered a “total butt kicking” as he amassed a “28” in the points department! Jerry had mentioned that their 4-some had added a single point for the best drive on the fairway on each hole. A little creativity is always a good thing.

Peter was “red hot” off the tee…on his 3 wood approach shots and was Shanny-like in his putting, as I am sure, he put a dent in a few flagsticks on some of his long putts. Mac had 16 points but that paled in comparison to Pete’s total of 20.

It was great to see Tim Grace yesterday! He showed no mercy in running up 9 points on the front nine and bettering that total by 2 more for an 11 on the back, to record 20 points on the scorecard!

Last, but certainly not least, was the closest battle of the 4 groups. Keith earned 15 points to edge out Nick and Shanny who had 14 each. Well done guys.

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Lots of good natured jabs were delivered across the tables at St. Louis at the Apres Golf! That’s what the Hackers are all about! Good Friends! Good Times! Good Swings….sometimes! See some of you next week!!

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June 27, 2019

What a gorgeous night for golfing! It was a hot one but that welcome breeze kept the temperature comfortable. It was good to see Shag back on the links! The game format was interesting and produced some varied results. Jerry easily won over a pretty strong 3-some. Likewise for Shag and Gillie over the Turnbull Duo! Nick kicked the butts of Frank and Shanny with an amazing 13 of 18 possible points! Well Done Nick! Gordo and myself lost a squeaker to Alan and Cliff, who prevailed 7 to 6. We led 3 to 2 after 9 holes but Alan’s smoking drives and Cliff’s pin-point chipping on the back 9 sealed the victory for The Beach Boys! A good time was had by all at St. Louis with our waitress Shelby working her magic. We were all impressed with Gillie’s recent purchase of a Raptors’ NBA 2019 Champions Hat! Nice touch Gillie! Our Webmaster Graylie was kind enough to join us for a cold Coors Banquet and a few laughs!

Be sure to confirm for our next Hackers play on July 4. Have a Great Canada Day Weekend !

June 20, 2019

Two Pipers Doon!!

Ken French (blood in his eye) and Billy Mac (possible kidney stone symptoms) had to withdraw from competition which brought our numbers from 18 to 16.

I asked Shag to rearrange the groupings to make it a fair contest. He did a wonderful job, as is evident by the close scores noted on this week’s chart. The combination of long bombs off the tee by Grayley and Alan and the precision strokes by Iron Man Gordo and That Guy from Ottawa, were just too much for the rest of the field. It might be noted that all winnings were donated back to The Toonie Pot for fear of some Hackers being relegated by the IRS to a higher tax bracket! Very nice gestures I must say!! Thanks for all the quarters Cliff!!

On a social note……Safe Travels to JP and O’B who are flying to Newfoundland on Wed. with their significant others for 2 weeks. Grayley conducted a Remedial Website Tutorial for Shag and myself at St. Louis, after the gang had headed for home. Iron Man and That Guy from Ottawa sat in on the session and just absorbed every detail of Grayley’s presentation! Grayl hopes to spruce up the website to make it more appealing to our Hackers’ audience. The Tour Group are off to Settler’s Ghost on Monday! Hard Hats Provided!!