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Screenshot Grab makes taking screenshots of individual apps and windows or the entire desktop quick and easy. When Screenshot Grab is launched it grabs. Screenshot Grab for Mac. LuckGrib - An elegant, fast and powerful GRIB reader for the Mac. Download and read your GRIB weather forecasts in style, with direct downloads of the GFS, CMC, and WW3 models from NOAA. Built for sailors. Can be used while sailing offshore. Recommended for all weather enthuasists.

As a powerful Mac music capture, AudFree Audio Capture for Mac brings a full set of flexible and enriched methods to fulfill all your needs in recording any sound from any source with no quality loss.

No matter what types of music you are playing on Mac, whether they are streaming music/online radios play in browers like Safari, Firefox, Chrome, or within the apps like Pandora, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, BBC, Lastfm, or they are local songs, games, movies being played by QuickTime, VLC or other programs, AudFree Audio Capture for Mac will easily record all the audios while maintaining the original sound quality.

Taking a screenshot is important because it allows people to show someone what is exactly on their computer screen. Furthermore, it allows them to create instructions in performing a task, showing an expert an unfamiliar message appears on the computer screen, or even taking a snapshot of a funny conversation for sharing with others. To do a screen grab on Mac is actually so easy by using the different methods provided below. Let’s start with a video which will teach you how to use these applications.

Method I. Using Simple yet Powerful Application

Grib For Mac Shortcut

Best Capture Tool – Apowersoft Mac Screenshot

To make a screen grab for Mac, you can make use the Apowersoft Mac Screenshot application. After installing this utility to your computer, simply click the icon on menu bar and select the capture mode you like, “Full screenshot” or “Regional screenshot”. Or you can also press the “Cmd+R” or “Cmd+F” hotkey to do this trick. Once it’s done, a cross-hair will appear on the screen, just click and drag the desired portion you want to capture. Finally, click on the save option to store the screenshot in local disc. You can download this screenshot utility below and give it a try!

Grib for mac keyboard

Moreover, this utility grants you the ability to make some edits to the image by adding arrows, rectangle, text and more. If needed, you can upload images to free cloud space for storing online or sharing with the generated image links.

Grab for macbook air

Download Grab For Mac

Alternative Capture Tool – Preview

Aside from the screenshot tool above, you can also take advantage of a Mac utility called Preview. Unlike Apowersoft Mac Screenshot, this tool is created and designed for viewing images and PDF documents (Portable Document Format). However, this program also has a capability of taking screenshots. Just launch Preview app, click “File” > “Take Screen Shot”, and choose from 3 options like “From Selection”, “From Window”, and “From Entire Screen”. To save the captured screenshot, simply press the File menu then hit Save. This is a great way to take screenshots without pressing too many buttons.

Method II: By Pressing Key Combinations- Default Way

1. Grab A Portion of The Screen

To grab a portion of the Mac PC screen, simply press the key combination of “Command + Shift + 4”. After pressing the keys, your cursor will turn into a small cross-like cursor and you can now click and drag the cursor to highlight the part of the screen you want to capture. A gray colored rectangle should appear on the part you drag. Lastly, let go of the mouse so that a screenshot will be taken. Note that in case you want to redo the screenshot, just press “Esc” button before releasing the mouse so as to make a new one. Additionally, the screenshot will automatically be saved in the desktop of the Mac PC.

2.Grab The Entire Mac Screen

If in case you want to grab the entire screen of the computer, press “Command + Shift + 3” keys and you will hear a camera shutter tone once a screenshot is done. Just make sure that what you exactly want to capture is displayed on your screen. Just like in the first method, the captured image will be saved on the desktop labeled with time and date.

3. Grab an Open Window on Mac PC

To capture an active window on Mac, you need to press “Command + Shift + 4” and then hit the “Spacebar”. Next, move the cursor on the window you want to capture and then click on the window to make a screenshot. Again, the image will be saved on the desktop.

Grab For Mac

4. Capture and Save a Screenshot on the Clipboard

If you prefer not to export images to desktop immediately,this is the right method to use. Instead, it lets you copy the image and save it on the clipboard temporarily. To use this method, use the keyboard combination of “Command + Control + Shift + 3”. Open the default image editing program of the Mac PC and then press “Command + V” to paste the image in the editing board. Lastly, click on the disc icon on the interface of the editor to save the image in your computer.

Method III. Grab A Webpage Screenshot

To grab a webpage screenshot instantly on Mac, make use of Webpage Screenshot Capture tool. This a free online tool and it gives users a free Cloud space to save images taken. In addition to this, users can also share the screenshots taken on different social media sites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter and more. Right after you got a screenshot and upload it, you can edit it with its online editing tool which can help in enhancing such image by adding texts, watermarks, lines, colors and more. Follow the steps below to use the tool:

  • Copy the link of the webpage you want to capture.
  • Paste the URL in the URL box above.
  • Click on “Take Screenshot” button to take a screenshot.
  • You will get a page with your image on it, then you can share with the given links or edit it online directly.

Those are the different methods to do to make a screen grab for Mac. Comparing multiple methods, it’s obvious that a third-party tool like Apowersoft Mac Screenshot is the best way to take a screenshot on Mac . You can now capture anything you want on Mac PC.

Grab For Mac Download

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