Gnu Operating System For Mac

GNU aka GNU/Hurd. The official name of this operating system is GNU. Hurd is the kernel in the GNU operating system. It is often listed as GNU/Hurd since there is also GNU/Linux and GNU/kFreeBSD, which are most of the GNU operating system with the Linux and FreeBSD kernels respectively. Instructions for older versions of Mac OS X (10.6 - 10.10) Instructions for installing the GNU compilers for older versions of Mac OS X (10.6 - 10.10) have been moved and are available on another page. Tips & Warnings. I mention all but the last of these tips and warnings in the text above, but it doesn't hurt to list them a second time. Gnu compiler mac codeblocks free download. Code::Blocks Code::Blocks is a free, open-source, cross-platform C, C and Fortran IDE built to meet the most de.

Obtaining GNU PSPP

PSPP is GNU software. You can obtain it the same way as with anyGNU software. PSPP should work on most modern computers and most operatingsystems. Systems which have been known to work include:GNU/Hurd,GNU/Linux,Darwin (Mac OS X), OpenBSD,NetBSD, FreeBSD, and Windows.



We do not distribute precompiled binaries of PSPP. Computers come with so many different archtectures, kernels, operating systems that it would not be feasible for us to do so. However most modern operating systems come with PSPP pre-packaged. To install it, you simply type: in the case of Debian derived systems; or in the case of Red Hat derived systems. For systems which have no conventional package manager, the procedure is somewhat harder. You must explicitly download the binary, and follow the instructions which come with it. Some such binaries of which we are aware are listed below:

  • Windows: installers or all downloadable files.
  • Mac OS X: Install a DMG bundle for recent versions of Mac OS, or use MacPorts to build and install PSPP on a wider range of Mac OS version. With MacPorts, run port install pspp-devel to get the latest and most featureful version of PSPP, or port install pspp to get an older but possibly better tested version (more information).

Please note: Because the PSPP developers have not prepared these binaries, we cannot in general vouch for them.

Gnu Operating System For Mac


If you want to compile and install PSPP yourself, you can get the source code from this link be unavailable or unreasonably slow, please select a local mirror site.Once you have downloaded the tarball, refer to the INSTALLfile for installation instructions.

Gnu Operating System For Mac

Development Versions


Gnu Macos

PSPP is under continual improvement. You can get development versions if you are interested to see what the developers are working on. Development versions have undergone less testing than released versions.

You can fetch the latest development sources fromthe Savannah GITrepository.The installationprocedure is more complex than for released versions, so werecommend this only for developers.

Gnu Operating System For Mac Operating System

Automated builds of the developmentversions are performed typically every day.