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Acting as a BitTorrent streaming client, you can play both torrent files and magnet links while they download, all within your browser window. Download any file type BitTorrent Web for Mac. Mac users interested in Utorrent for mac osx 10.4 generally download: µTorrent (uTorrent) 1.8 Free uTorrent is the world's most popular BitTorrent client, and is now available for Mac. If you’re looking for a heavyweight torrent client for Mac, Deluge might be able to do.

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Many people only think of torrenting on Windows devices, although there are many who use Macs.

With torrent clients, you can download torrent files, or you can use torrent magnet links. Each of them can be used to download and share files via the internet, and each of the Mac BitTorrent clients offers something different. A good BitTorrent application needs to be easy to use, reliable, and fast, and download files from fellow computer users.

The downloading of torrent files is easy, provided you have the best torrent client that fits your needs. Some of you may consider this a very simple program, which automates the process of steering P2P traffic. However, more advanced users would like to customize everything.

Here you can learn more about torrents, which the best BitTorrent for Mac is, and how you can use them safely.

What Are Torrents?

Torrents are small files, which you can download, and from these, they give a torrent client the instructions of how to go about downloading the full file. A key example is a movie.

The BitTorrent protocol enables users to share large files using a peer-to-peer network. In use, portions of the files can derive from thousands of users rather than one person. As you download this file portions, the client also uploads them from your PC or Mac in what they call ‘seeding.’ (Read our Torrent Downloads Guide)

To download a torrent, you must have a torrent client. It is this, which connects to the network, and from there, the most of the intervention you need to do is find the right torrent sites that have the torrent links for files you want to download.

Magnet links were an improvement over the small torrent files because you don’t have to download these files to your desktop. The client checks all the information and will then go about automatically downloading the file you choose.

Is Torrenting Legal?

Torrents and BitTorrent technology are 100% legal, although many use this delivery method to download files that have links hosted on such sites as The Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents

Many shared files like the latest movies or TV shows are often subject to copyright laws. It is here that downloading them is subject to copyright law infringement.

Movie studios and music companies often monitor torrent activity. In severe cases, they can bring court cases against torrent sites to have them shut down, or even individuals they suspect of infringing copyright.

What is the best BitTorrent client for Mac?

Here we have some of the best torrent clients for Mac you can use to download torrent files quickly.

1. Folx


  • Built-in search – Pro version only
  • Ad-free client for Mac
  • Highly customizable
  • Deals with high numbers of torrents


  • Not as lightweight as some other apps
  • Many features only in PRO version

Folx ranks high on our list of torrent applications for Mac because it is currently; one of the only torrent clients that are completely compatible with macOS Catalina.

Folx makes downloading torrent files very convenient: it allows you to set the priority, control the download and upload speed, and tag your downloads for quick content searches.

Folx allows you to download torrents from both trackers and magnetic links.

You can sign up for the Pro version of this torrent downloader for Mac.

It will enable you to search for torrent content directly from the application. This makes it easier than browsing torrent trackers to find the file you want.

All you have to do is enter your search term into Folx’s search bar, and it will search the massive list of torrent trackers to present you with the results.

2. qBittorrent


  • Search many torrents at the same time
  • Familiar uTorrent appearance
  • Ad-free Mac BitTorrent client
  • Small install footprint


  • Torrents can freeze
  • Can consume large amounts of RAM

Due to the non-advertising nature of qBittorrent, this makes it arguably one of the best torrent clients for Mac. Additionally, the familiar interface of qBittorrent to uTorrent makes it one of the best torrent clients for Mac to get to know and use.

The client application is designed to give you the flexibility of downloading files with no unnecessary hassle. It is simple to use, it is free and open-source, and nevertheless, it is loaded with features.

It supports private torrents and magnetic links, includes its built-in search and provides download prioritization. It is no surprise most users consider it one of the best torrent applications for Mac.

qBittorrent is compatible with macOS Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave and Catalina.

3. Transmission


  • Minimalistic interface
  • Free and no ads
  • Lightweight RAM use


  • No built-in torrent search
  • Lacks tracker exchange
  • No customer support

Transmission is a further free and open-source torrent client. It’s very RAM, lightweight and fast. It also requires fewer system resources, has support for magnetic links and may even find local systems, which are connected to your system.

Transmission is worthy of its title as one of the best torrent client applications. It’s easy to use, as proven with the fact Ubuntu has elected it to be their standard bit torrent client.

With the Transmission app, you will have standard functions, such as web interface, exchange peers, encryption, DHT with tracker editing and lots more.

For the moment, Transmission is functioning well on Catalina, although there have been user reports of it being buggy at times. If you already upgraded to Catalina, share your experience using the Transmission app.

4. Vuze


  • Built-in torrent search
  • Works with large numbers of torrents
  • Built-in media player
  • Fast and easy to use


  • Adware during installation
  • Too many ads in free version
  • Built-in torrent search is not the best

Vuze is one of the best download Bittorrent for MAC you can make and has been for a few years. It comes with plenty of useful features. Torrent search is available directly from inside the app, and you can use the Web Remote function to manage your torrent downloads from remote locations.

Vuze can play the video directly with the media player, and the possibility of playback from a device connected to your Mac.

If you sign up for Vuze Plus, you can automatically locate torrents, which are similar to ones already subscribed. You can also get rid of the annoying ads that pop up as you use the app.

Using Vuze Plus as an HD video player lets Vuze offer smooth playback with a handful of formats like QuickTime, AVI, XVID, as well as adding various language subtitles.

Vuze hasn’t officially been given the green light for full Catalina compatibility, although many users state the apps work okay on macOS 10.15.

An honourable mention is Deluge, which was a close tie for the number four spot. It is open-source, yet can be complicated and heavy on resources.


Best Bittorrent Client For Mac 2020

Is uTorrent safe for Mac?

At one stage, uTorrent began bundling extensions for features that were unwelcome by most users who just want to download torrents and magnet links. However, these were annoying more than harmful to the torrent client.

Like any of the other best MAC torrenting client here, uTorrent is safe to use so long as you uncheck boxes during installation for add-ons you don’t want.

Does uTorrent work on Mac?

While uTorrent could have a place on the list here as one of the best torrenting client, MAC updates have stopped it working.

The desktop version doesn’t support macOS Catalina, and users will need to swap to the uTorrent web version or use one of the clients from the list above.

The web version may be the way forward and has many features. It may be the best BitTorrent client out of them all. It is easy to use, very light on your system and allows you to stream video.

With the new BitTorrent client, you can watch a movie before you finish downloading, other features comprise changing formats to play files on mobiles, and as it is web-based, and you have the best search features possible.

While uTorrent may be the best, and the PRO version is very affordable, you still need to make sure your identity is hidden. A Mac may not be prone to as many viruses, yet your IP will be seen using any of these Mac clients.

Once you find the best torrent client for MAC, you need to check out the best VPN for MAC to keep you safe while using any torrent clients.

Client Bittorrent For Mac

It does not matter where the torrent storm comes from; your IP will be exposed. With the movie and recording studios watching, it does not take long for them to find out the whereabouts of every person downloading torrents.

Downloading torrents might not be as popular as it once was, but you’ll still find a ton of content available online. While many of the torrents available online fall clearly under the umbrella of obvious pirating or copyright infringement, BitTorrent itself is a totally legal file-sharing protocol used for (some) legitimate purposes. If you are a Mac user, here are the best torrent clients for macOS.

1. Transmission

Transmission is definitely the most popular of all the BitTorrent clients for macOS and it’s more powerful than it first appears. Despite a reliably simple interface, it hosts a deceptively large feature set which has made it a popular choice. It runs well on resource-starved machines by occupying minimal RAM and using only system resources it absolutely needs. But it’s more than just a progress bar for torrents. Power users can get their hands on the add-on library or mess with the built-in remote control tools. Casual torrent downloaders can ignore that side of the software completely, simply using the attractive, Mac-style interface and core functionality.

Transmission does just about everything you’d want a torrent client to do, but it doesn’t get in your face about it. It even manages to host some unique features. One of our favorite unique features of Transmission is automatically sorting torrents into different groups based on the content in their titles. It also supports Distributed Hash Tables (DHT) and Peer Exchange (PEX). Transmission is perfect for anyone using torrents for the first time or who is disappointed with their current BitTorrent client for macOS.

2. qBittorrent

qBittorrent is a free and open-source BitTorrent client that runs on everything. It’s not as polished as Transmission or even uTorrent/BitTorrent. However, frequent users of FOSS will be used to that. The interface adopts uTorrent’s approach of throwing everything at you in tabs. This provides the information you want without digging through menus. qBittorrent includes support for major BitTorrent features like DHT, PEX, and magnet links.

It also includes support for UPnP/NAT-PMP port forwarding. In fact, it provides the broadest set of options in any of the BitTorrent clients for macOS that we examined. Knowledgeable power users will find dozens of settings to fiddle with. The downside of this options parade is that basic configuration of the app can sometimes require an unfriendly dive into a monster mash of menus. But if you’re technical enough that you don’t mind that, qBittorrent is awesome.

3. WebTorrent Desktop

WebTorrent Desktop is an interesting supplement to a regular BitTorrent client. It can function as a traditional, if limited, torrent client, but that’s not its core role. If you used WebTorrent that way, you’ll be disappointed. Its true function is as a streaming media application. WebTorrent uses the BitTorrent protocol to stream any media available in torrent form. It works by tweaking the BitTorrent protocol to fetch data in playback order, rather than in whatever order the network makes the data available.

Seeking even works well, if slowly. When you drag the playhead, WebTorrent reorganizes the packet download priority based on the new playhead position. The player is simple and minimal and seems to support a wide range of file types.

Of course, you’ll need a decent Internet connection and a torrent with sufficient seeders for a functional streaming experience. WebTorrent works with any torrent file or magnet link. Just drag and drop a file or link to start buffering. It’s an excellent choice for quickly streaming a movie or TV show with friends. It’s in beta and open-source, so it’s bound to be a little quirky. But users of older torrent apps like Vuze will recognize and appreciate the streaming feature.

Bittorrent Free Download For Mac

4. Deluge

If you’re looking for a heavyweight torrent client for Mac, Deluge might be able to do it for you. Usability-wise, it may not be the best due to its complexity. However, Deluge offers tons of great features such as support for a wide range of plug-ins, cross platforms, and browser integration. Because of its expandability, it’s a great option for advanced users. Deluge also features three primary user interfaces suited for a browser, a desktop, and a command line.

This torrent client can also be likened to uTorrent minus the unwanted software. Deluge also allows customization such as downloading alphabetically, adjusting speed based on the condition of the network, and scheduling each download. You can also integrate it with either Firefox or Chrome if you wish. Deluge has a lot more features that you can check out, which makes it one of the best torrent clients for Mac.

5. Vuze

Touted as one of the most powerful torrent clients available online, Vuze is definitely among the best of its kind today. Previously known as Azureus, Vuze is packed with several features such as its expandability with plug-ins as well as its user-friendly interface. If you can look past the ads, Vuze is certainly a great option for a torrent client for Mac.

There are two types of Vuze that you can choose from: Vuze Leap and Vuze Plus. Both kinds have the same features like torrent downloads as well as media playback. They both support magnet file links as well. However, Vuze Plus also provides integrated virus protection and allows a preview of media files.

One of the primary features that Vuze is famous for is its interface. Instead of loading up on the jargon, it simplifies everything which allows new users to access and understand even its more advanced features. Aside from this, Vuze also features IP filtering as well as bandwidth limiting. It’s definitely an awesome torrent client to boot.

6. Folx

The latest software update on Mac is macOS Catalina. If you’re looking for a torrent client that is already compatible with this update, you can check out Folx. Some of its features include priority setting, download tagging, and upload and download speed regulation. Folx also allows you to download torrent files through magnet links and from trackers as well. This makes for an easier sharing of BitTorrent content.

Folx also has a PRO version that is currently compatible with Mac OS X. It allows torrent content searching from the app itself, which supersedes browsing through several torrent trackers. Whether you are using Mac OS X or Catalina, you can use Folx and enjoy its great features.

7. Xtorrent P2P App

Another great torrent client for Mac users is Xtorrent P2P. Aside from its stability, the interface of this torrent client is also user-friendly and customizable. You can download Xtorrent P2P on your Mac for free but the paid version will enable you to download torrents much faster. Since Xtorrent P2P is a 64-bit application, you should be able to open it on Mac OS Catalina.

8. BitLord

Last but certainly not the least on this list is BitLord. One of the advantages of using this torrent client for Mac is its integrated media player. It allows users to play a wide range of file types without any issues. Its user interface is also quite simple, which enables even beginners to navigate BitLord with convenience and ease.

Deluge Bittorrent Client For Mac

Another advantage of using BitLord is that it doesn’t have to come with any bundled software that is often unworkable. Hence, users do not need to work through unnecessary programs that prove to be useless anyway. BitLord might seem too simple for users who have been using several torrent clients for a long time, but it’s a great start for people getting introduced to the world of torrents for the first time.


There are so many options to choose from when looking for the best torrent client for your Mac. Some factors to consider include safety against adware and malware, support for magnet file links, web-browser integration, speed regulation, and of course, a user-friendly interface. Download scheduling and torrent searching should also be considered if you don’t want to waste your time while using a torrent client.

In addition, if your Mac is already on macOS Catalina, you should also consider its compatibility with your chosen torrent client. Although some people now prefer streaming online, there are still advantages to using BitTorrent to download stuff. Whichever torrent client you choose, the most important thing is that you enjoy using it with ease and satisfaction. The torrent clients for Mac mentioned above are among the best and guarantee just that.

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