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Read Full Description. Undoubtedly one of the best action games ever made, Muse Software's Castle Wolfenstein is a revolutionary action game that spawned a whole new genre. If the name sounds familiar to you, your hunch is correct: this is THE game that inspired id Software's blockbuster Wolfenstein 3D.Apparently they liked the game so much that id negotiated a deal to reuse the name. Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Single-player version of the first-person shooter game Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a first-person WWII shooter. A revival of the classic Castle Vote: 7.1/10 (560 votes) Platform: Windows.

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The Wolfenstein franchise has its roots deep in the first person shooter genre. The original game, Wolfenstein 3D, is considered by most to be the grandfather of the first person shooter. The original Wolfenstein paved the way for classic games like DOOM and Quake, and it laid the foundation of the genre we know today. Return to Castle Wolfenstein attempts to retell the classic story of Wolfenstein 3D with a modern day boost. Nearly 20 years after the release of Wolfenstein 3D, Return to Castle Wolfenstein looks to revive the franchise that created the genre in the first place. With stylish graphics, an extended narrative, and fast-paced multiplayer, the game is both fun to play and well designed.

The story of Wolfenstein 3D was appropriately simple, given the time the game came out. Set during World War II, the game followed soldier BJ Blazkowicz. Taken prison and kept locked up by the Nazis, BJ breaks free and goes on a killing rampage as he escapes from the prison. Return to Castle Wolfenstein takes the same setting and tone of the original game, but amps it up in some fun ways. Players once again take on the role of BJ Blazkowicz, who embarks on military missions to take down the Nazi machine. Working for a government agency known as the Office of Secret Actions, Blazkowicz tries to learn more about the evil General Deathshed and his range of paranormal experiments. Overall, the story is a fun mixture of military action and sci-fi. Besides shooting Nazis and other human enemies, players will encounter a slew of paranormal creatures and biological experiments. The narrative is smartly interwoven with the levels, and it remains fresh and entertaining throughout.

Gameplay is similar in nature to the franchise's original formula, but with a decidedly modern spin. Using a variety of weaponry (both realistic and supernatural), you attempt to fight your way through a number of stages. Along the way, you'll complete objectives, find collectibles and new weaponry, and explore the environment. Like the original game, many levels can feel maze-like. Early stages especially are full of tight corridors and narrow passageways, which you'll have to navigate to find the exit. Weapons are easily obtainable, and you'll get to enjoy blasting enemies with a great range of weapons. From pistols and combat knives to shotguns and SMGs, there are a slew of fun guns to engage with. Each area of the game also contains numerous secret areas to discover, as well as hidden treasures to find. You'll have to search far and wide to find these cleverly hidden spots, but the rewards are often worthwhile.

Overall, Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a great first person shooter that is loads of fun to play. It succeeds in paying homage to the classic shooter franchise while also offering new and fresh ways to play. The environments are well designed and surprisingly destructive, the story mode is lengthy and exciting, and the multiplayer is quick and engaging. Although it is grounded in realism, Return to Castle Wolfenstein explores some interesting supernatural elements, and isn't afraid to let loose every once in a while. Bottom line, the game feels awesome to play, and will go down as one of the finest in the Wolfenstein franchise.

Overall rating: 9
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  1. Castle Wolfenstein

Castle Wolfenstein

DOS - 1984

Also available on: Commodore 64 - Atari 8-bit

4.41 / 5 - 85 votes

Description of Castle Wolfenstein

Read Full Description

Undoubtedly one of the best action games ever made, Muse Software's Castle Wolfenstein is a revolutionary action game that spawned a whole new genre.

If the name sounds familiar to you, your hunch is correct: this is THE game that inspired id Software's blockbuster Wolfenstein 3D. Apparently they liked the game so much that id negotiated a deal to reuse the name 'Wolfenstein' for their game. And if the 'fragmasters' at id acknowledge the game as their inspiration, then it must be something special, right?

Indeed, Castle Wolfenstein is such a veritable masterpiece that calling it 'special' is a huge understatement. As its spiritual ancestor, the game's premise will be familiar to all Wolfenstein 3D: you are an allied soldier who's been taken prisoner by the Nazis. You must escape from their castle, avoiding or killing Nazi guards along the way.

The action is viewed from an overhead perspective, with 2D graphics for the objects and characters (hence its nickname Wolfenstein 2D by Wolf 3D fans). While not Earth-shattering, the graphics are more than adequate, and never gets in the way of the action. There are even different graphics to depict a dead guard, a dead guard with bullet-proof vest on, and a guard shot dead at his desk... talk about rigor mortis.

Of course, graphics alone doesn't necessary make a great game, and Castle Wolfenstein has plenty of action and adrenaline rush. You start out with a gun and one 10-bullet clip, given by a fellow prisoner. More bullets can be found by searching guards and breaking into supply boxes.

There is a lot of great ideas in the game, many of which are rarely used even in today's crop of 3D-accelerated games. You can, for example, hold a Nazi guard at gunpoint to search him for supplies (unfortunately, though, you can't hold the guard as hostage to facilitate your escape-- only for a short while). You can also toss grenades at guards and watch the gory effect (or as gory as 2D, 4-color CGA palette can get). The grenades can burst through (concrete) walls, and it's a lot of fun to time it so that the grenade will hit the unsuspecting SS guard on the other side of the wall. Evil fun :)

One thing that makes Castle Wolfenstein very replayable is the fact that the castle is randomly generated each time you play. If you are killed or captured, you can either attempt the same castle again, or play a new random one, which could very well be more impossible than the last. SS guards also tend to surprise you, thus adding to the adrenaline rush of escaping.

There is really nothing I can think of that's bad about the game. Castle Wolfenstein is a true pioneer in the now-crowded field of action games, and is a revolutionary game that remains, almost 20 years after its release, eminently playable (with slowdown program, of course). Two thumbs up, wayyy up!

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blammo2019-06-121 point

ctrl+F11 = speed down Ctrl+F12 = speed up

NickTheName2019-03-24-1 point

I have this as a 5 1/4' for my apple //e

EldritchNexus2018-12-053 points DOS version

In order to play this game without having to painstakingly adjust the cycles manually every single time, create a batch file with the following text in the game directory:
config -set 'cycles=300'
And then open it with DOSBox or whatever emulator you're using.

Esfratch2018-06-09-2 points

This game is not just for that plataforms original version is for Apple ii you can chack that on Macintosh Reposity if you have a Windows dont worry just download Basilisk ii is a emulator for old mac games :D

FlubberGaming052018-04-300 point DOS version

Hey BACKINBLUE. Castle Wolfenstein is a super old game for DOS! This will not run on modern Windows unless you use a 32-bit DOS emulator called DOSBox. Thank you!

GuyFawkes2017-11-021 point DOS version

Anyone know what a good cycle speed would be? Also which version has best graphics?

EldritchNexus2017-07-270 point

The game that started it all. :)


kin9pin52017-01-130 point

It's best to download and run the game in DOSBox. DOSBox config file can be configured to run at a certain cycle speed in the DOSBox config file. You can find the config file in the box that pops up when you launch DOSBox, it tells you where its reading the config file from. Go to that file, open it with notepad, find the cycles and set it to 'fixed ###' with ### replaced with the cycles you want to play it at. My i7-4790k needed 99 cycles to play it at the speed that I remember the original being played.

BackInBlue2016-11-16-9 points

Hey I'm running on a windows 10 pc but i REALLY want to play this it says 'This app can't run on your pc

SLOW DOWN CASTLE WOLFENSTEIN2015-07-041 point DOS version

To everyone playing on DosBox, if it is going to fast you just need to slow down the CPU cycles. Press Ctrl+F12 until it enters a reasonable game speed.

Acr5152015-06-200 point DOS version

Yeeah, anyone figure something out about the speed? seemed to nail it on that

Priv2015-06-060 point DOS version

I tried to play this game on an old 8086....and it was too fast!

Miyos 2.02015-06-051 point DOS version

Pretty much only downloaded this game 'cause i love MGS. Didn't regret it.

Monstertomete2015-05-282 points DOS version

I know it can be run in DOSBox and that I may get problems with the speed.
But is there a way to fix them?

Anonymous2015-04-291 point DOS version

You may play it by using DOSBox. But you may get problems with the speed.

CastlePlay wolfenstein 3d on mac

Capt Blazkowicz2015-04-26-4 points DOS version

when i try to play the game, it tells me that the version of the game isn't compatable with my computer. i need a 32 bit or a 64 bit version it tells me. Please Help

Monstertomete2015-03-10-4 points DOS version

I try playing this awesome game in DOSBox, but somehow it is much too fast. Any idea how to configure DOSBox to make the game run as I want to?

Baldy Old Fart2014-09-01-1 point DOS version

READ THE HOW TO PLAY ABANDONWARES just below the 'Send Comment' Button - It will send you to:
Where you will discover that DOS Games DO NOT RUN IN WINDOWS! - You MUST have a DOS Emulator such as DOSBOX - which is linked to from the page above.

whegger2014-08-18-1 point DOS version

i could not get it to work

Billy2014-05-191 point DOS version

Ah, I remember MEETING Silas A. Warner when I was a kid and he was writing more levels for a friend of mine for this game! This game will live forever as one of the best as Muse really did a great job of advertising this one!

Thanks2014-05-120 point DOS version

Thank you

Harbinger2014-04-090 point DOS version

wait an see

Moran2013-10-08-2 points DOS version

Where can I download the Mac version of this game?

Tae2013-05-190 point DOS version

I tried playing this game but I am not able to slow down the processor speed on a MacBook. How do I do this? Anyone know? Please help!

eragon2013-04-070 point DOS version

friggin awesome!

Orctooth2013-02-131 point DOS version

The number of times I had to clean the computer room when the principal caught me and my comrades playing this. A must for the old school players. :)

DC2012-11-271 point DOS version

CTRL + F11 - decrease procesor speed
CTRL + F12 - increase procesor speed

Austen2012-10-030 point DOS version

Downloaded the game for my 7 year old. I loved this when I was a kid. The only thing is now when I am playing it, eveyrthing is moving extremely fast. Like 10 times the speed it should. It is very hard (almost impossible) to control. Any idea how to sort this out?

Slatyex2012-01-010 point DOS version had to run into the wall to put away the gun! And that zingazh(*&(*ing! was so annoying when you touched the walls...why did they do that too? So you touched a wall! Big deal! Great of my utmost favorites!

Federer2011-12-280 point DOS version

Veri good

Toshiro2011-12-040 point DOS version

cant wait

Lerxst2011-05-290 point DOS version

Loved this game back then

Gibsaw2011-03-060 point DOS version

Not quite the beginning, but a re-release of 'the beginning' on the IBM PC.
I suppose it seems obvious that it would be re-released for CGA IBM PC, but given the popularity of the original Apple II version, I never even realised this version existed.
nice to see they added in the most obvious omission from the original, which was a key to put away your gun. Why that was never fixed in the original Apple II version, I don't know. MUSE waited until 'Beyond Castle Wolfenstein' to fix that on the Apple II.

fredlord2008-08-201 point DOS version

The beginning!!

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