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MAC OS X is the most advanced computer operating system developed by tech giant “Apple”. All of the Mac OS based computers from Apple are very expensive. But Apple’s MacBooks are worth the price you spend. You will surely get excellent performance out of your MAC OS based computer system.

  1. Web Browser For Mac
  2. Lightning Web Browser For Mac

Whatever task you do on your computer like gaming, web browsing, watching videos or any other day-to-day task will be done with excellent speed and productivity. Web Browsing is an important task we do on our computers. To browse internet in fast and secure way, your computer should be installed with a best web browser.

Web Browser For Mac

So which is the best web browser for MAC OS X? Every MAC user should know the fastest & best internet browser for his/her MAC.

Which web browser are you using on your MAC? Every computer users has different taste according to his/her needs. But there are some web browsers which are developed for performance, security and productivity.

Web browsers aren't all the same: They differ in speed, features, customization, privacy and security options, and whether you can bolt on extensions or add-ons for extra control over your. Everyone knows Safari right? The default browser that ships on every Mac and iOS device.

Are you using a web browser which is fulfilling your computing need? There are some popular MAC web browser which you should try on MAC OS X.

List Of Best & Fastest MAC OS X Web Browser

1. Apple Safari : Best MAC Web Browser

Apple Safari is the default web browser on MAC OS X and it is the probably the best internet browser for MAC. In fact Safari is the default web browser on every Apple device. With it intuitive & smart user interface, you are sure to increased productivity. Its grey interface looks so beautiful.


  • Fast & Secure
  • Developed specially for the Apple devices
  • Energy efficient
  • Sandboxing for website to prevent malware
  • Works with iCloud

There are also some other useful feature included in Safari like spotlight suggestion, reader, pinned sites, airplay web video, bookmarks and more.

2. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser in world. In web browser market share, it’s the Chrome which have highest market share. Web developers working on MAC OS X should use Google Chrome. On MAC, it is the fastest web browser seen in some web browser test. You can feel the super-fast speed for Chrome only after using it.


  • Excellent speed
  • Intuitive & simple user interface
  • Rock solid security
  • Wide variety of web browser extensions available
  • Best support for HTML5

Lightning Web Browser For Mac

3. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is also one of the popular & best web browser for MAC. Firefox also provide great performance. But it is best known for its awesome customization features. It also provides wide variety of add on & themes. You can give your favorite look to this web browser with themes.

You should use Firefox web browser for speed, privacy, customization and security.


  • Good speed & security
  • Excellent privacy features
  • Customization features
  • Addons & Themes

4. Opera

Opera is another excellent web browser you can use on MAC. Opera has similar features like Chrome & Safari. You will surely get speed same as Chrome as Opera integrates same Blink rendering engine used in Chrome. For slower internet connection, Opera works very intelligently to provide fast speed. Its Turbo Mode compress the web page data up to 80 percent before sending to user computer.


  • Fast Speed and Security
  • Turbo Mode for slower internet connection
  • Blink rendering engine
  • User friendly interface

5. Maxthon

Maxthon is another good web browser for your MAC. It is developed in China. It is a fully featured web browser. It is available for both MAC OS X and iOS. Some of it prominently features include Ad blocking, Maxthon Smart Accelerator, Cloud Share, Cloud Push, Maxthon Passport and many more.


  • High performance
  • Mouse gesture
  • Built-in Flash support
  • Good Security & Privacy
  • Excellent HTML 5 compatibility



So above is the list of best & fast MAC web browsers. Among all Apple Safari is the best contender among all MAC web browsers. Google Chrome and Firefox has their different features. But all of these internet browser sure to give best performance on your MAC.

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