Best Mac Software For Security

Sorry Windows users but Macs are simply more secure than your PCs. Let’s just say that it’s one of the advantages of Macs over Windows. Of course, Windows devices have their own advantages over Macs, but we’re not here to talk about these right now.

The Best Mac Antivirus Protection for 2020 Despite what you may have heard, your Apple computer is not immune to malware. We test the top contenders to identify those offering the best Mac. Even Macs Need Antivirus Protection. The myth that Macs don’t suffer malware attacks has been.

Mac users don’t rejoice just yet. True enough your Mac is more secure than its Windows counterpart, but we it’s not totally secure. After all, why are there different Mac security software on the market?

Does Mac Need Security Software?

Let’s take a look back at Mac’s history. Ever since the assembly of the first Mac, it has been susceptible to viruses and malware. Elk Cloner, one of the first ever viruses, infected Apple DOS 3.3 operating system in 1982. It was embedded in a game saved in a floppy disk. While it didn’t cause deliberate harm and was developed more as a practical joke, it was considered successful because of the fact that it spread and there was no antivirus available for it back then. Fast forward to 2017, it was reported that the number of Mac malware increased by 270 percent. To cut things short, Macs are not completely invulnerable to cyber attacks and without security software, your Mac is susceptible to dangers.

Security Software Doesn’t Necessarily Equate to Antivirus, Alone

Here’s the thing, when we say Mac security, it does not always concern malware and virus. Other security threats include physical ones, including theft. The good news is that there are also programs for this kind of danger.

The Best Security Software for Mac

Best Mac Software For Security Systems

Below, we list down the top third-party security software that you can get for your Mac. Note that these are listed in no particular order, as they offer different forms of protection and are not necessarily under one category.

1. Tweakbit MacRepair

For your Mac to continue being a secure device, it needs to be in tip-top shape at all times. This is the goal of Tweakbit MacRepair. As a Mac cleaner, it scans your Mac for all types of junk, optimizes the RAM to clear room for active apps, recommends tweaks to save energy, and eventually, helps eliminate unneeded and unused apps.

2. Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac

Considered as one of the best antiviruses for Mac today, Bitdefender comes with a suite of outstanding features including a multi-layer ransomware protection. It also performs adware removal. As an added feature, it also scans for Windows PC malware, which you may find helpful if you also run Windows on your Mac.

3. ESET Cyber Security for Mac

It’s not very quick when it scans, but that’s because it digs deep into your Mac’s ecosystem to make sure that it is entirely free from viruses and malware. ESET Cyber Security also comes with parental controls and a competitive price tag.

4. MacKeeper’s Anti-Theft

Should your Mac be stolen, you won’t have to worry a lot if you have this installed. Once you report your Mac is stolen and the program is activated remotely, it will pinpoint your missing Mac’s location using Wi-Fi network. You will also get a detailed report via email. Anti-Theft is also integrated with iSight, so it can take snapshots of the suspect without them noticing.

5. Undercover

This is also an anti-theft software but with additional features. Aside from determining the location of the missing device and taking snapshots of the burglar, it also has scary tactics to deter the criminal, such as making your Mac shout.

6. WatchMac

This program protects your Mac against unauthorized use and logins. It is designed to be on the lookout for unusual activities like when someone tries to break your password. Once it detects any unfamiliar activity, it will wake up and record what’s going on. It will also take a photo of the scoundrel using iSight.

So, what are you waiting for? Get them today!

Best Security Software For Mac And Ios

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There is no denying that Macs are less prone to being infected with viruses and malware than PCs. In fact, due to the built-in tools that the macOS come with, many users are convinced that they need no further protection against wrongdoers. Unfortunately, this is the exact reason why criminals have started targeting Apple users with highly sophisticated malware that can easily get through the basic defenses of any Mac. However, with Mac security software on board, any computer can be turned into an impenetrable fortress, giving you enough protection online and offline.


‘But what exactly is a Mac security solution?’ you may ask. It’s a question that needs further explanation, as these apps are a bit more than just basic antiviruses. So, by clarifying the most common questions surrounding Mac security solutions, picking the software that fits your individual needs will be hassle-free.

Best Mac Security Software of 2020


  • Intuitive user interfaces
  • Ease of access from menu bar
  • Powerful parental control software
  • Multifaceted Mac optimizer
  • Full review…

  • Doesn’t disrupt during scans
  • Free web extension
  • Easy to use
  • Great design
  • Full review…

  • Straightforward software interfaces
  • Various antivirus scans
  • Remote scans and parental control software
  • Free trial and money-back guarantee
  • Full review…

1. Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9

It’s one thing that Intego’s Mac Premium Bundle X9 covers everything that a security bundle should, but it also managed to do so by providing a pleasant interface for all of its five apps, too. However, it’s actually the additional tools that make Intego a must-have. For instance, the parental control tool is equipped with everything needed to protect children from online harm, including the appropriately named AntiPredator feature. The Mac optimizer, on the other hand, is actually three solutions in one, providing an effective way of keeping the computer in top shape.

The core programs equally as useful, too. In fact, the antivirus stands out because of the effectiveness of its real-time scans, while the firewall is so simple to use that even the least tech-savvy users will understand it in seconds. The addition of the data backup tool, which gives an extra layer of protection for your data, is just the icing on the cake.

The price of Intego’s bundle is just as impressive since it can be used on a single Mac for as low as $59.99 per year. However, by purchasing more licenses over a longer period of time, it’s possible to save up to 70% of the original price.

2. Airo

A lighter antivirus software, Airo‘s stylish design and easy setup wows users with a spotless first impression. The software’s aim is clear from the beginning: Airo will scan and protect your Mac from any attacks as swiftly as possible. Besides its scanning features, Airo offers a few extras. You can use its Google Chrome extension to detect malware in your web downloads and rest at ease with the software’s automatic updates which keep its database informed of the latest viruses and ransomware.

What Airo lacks in extra features, however, it more than makes up for in speed and ease of use. Its “quick scan” is true to its name and takes exactly one minute to complete. The software’s deeper scan is also incredibly unobtrusive, seamlessly running in the background without affecting your computer’s overall performance.

While you may find more competitive prices out there, Airo’s certainly won’t break the bank. The most affordable way to get it is with the Single Suite which covers one Mac at $49.99 per year, which comes out to a little over $4 per month. You can also choose between two upgrade options (Pro and Family Suite) to cover more Macs for a higher premium.

3. Avast Security for Mac

Although Avast is mostly known for releasing PC products, its Mac security solutions are worth trying too. Granted, the antivirus software isn’t as feature packed as its Windows counterpart – mostly due to the lack of quick and comprehensive scans – but it does at least have everything that a decent antivirus solution should. In fact, Avast even included the scheduling of scans into the mix alongside network scans and an antiransomware tool.

As for other solutions included in the package, the selection is pretty limited as Mac users can only download SecureLine VPN, Avast Cleanup Pro, Avast Passwords, and two browser add-ons. However, it’s worth noting that only the password manager and its extensions are available as free upgrades. For the VPN and the Mac optimizer, additional fees need to be paid. Speaking of which, to have unlimited access to the antivirus – which includes Wi-Fi scanning and the antiransomware shield – there is a charge of $59.99 a year or $53.33 per year should you opt for a longer subscription period.

If you don’t need any extras, however, or just want to try things out first, then there is an option to choose between the limited, free forever version, a 60-day risk-free trial, and even make use of a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How to Choose the Right Mac Security Software

Best Virus Protection For Mac


Since Mac security solutions exist in many shapes and forms, picking the right software isn’t as easy as it seems. That’s why it’s best to think about what you and others (if necessary) truly need and choose accordingly. Free antiviruses, for instance, are perfect for the basic protection of individuals, and often they can be upgraded at any time. On the other hand, paid solutions are always equipped with more specialized features and are usually offered as part of an internet security software bundle, so they can truly provide a solution for all kinds of cyber security threats.

Compatibility and Usage

When it comes to compatibility, the situation is quite simple. Mac security solutions are often adapted from their Windows counterparts, meaning that if you want protection for a PC as well, then you can simply download the sister product of a Mac antivirus.

With usage, however, things get a bit complicated, because not all people have the same needs and the same system. In that regard, opting for the most complete internet security suite could solve the issue. These bundles not only contain all the security apps that a particular company has to offer, but they also come with multiple licenses and can be installed on all supported devices.

Research and Trial

One of the best ways to decide whether any given solution is ideal for you is to check out the opinion of internet security experts. Visiting AV-TEST’s website gives good insight into how well Mac security programs perform in different situations, but for the whole picture it’s best to read up on the software in detailed reviews like the very ones we provide. For a truly first-hand experience, however, downloading the free version of the software or testing the full software for a limited time will give you the very best insight.

Beyond Virus Protection for Mac

Even though installing an antivirus on a Mac is a good start, cyber security threats are so versatile that a single, specialized internet security app is far from enough. Thankfully, internet security companies have realized this, which is why even the most basic Mac antivirus apps have extra features that go beyond just busting malware. For instance, many of them are capable of monitoring your internet activities either on their own or via a browser add-on, but they can also protect your most important files should you be the target of a ransomware attack.

However, not even a beefed-up antivirus can battle against certain other cyber threats like cryptojacking, password sniffing, or online predators. And this is the exact reason why a Mac security solution shouldn’t just be a single app but rather multiple programs, each tailored to deal with a specific internet security issue. Although being forced to install a standalone solution for each security problem seems bothersome, this way your Mac truly becomes an impenetrable fortress. Besides, software bundles give you the freedom to select which internet security apps you need or even substitute the bundle’s in-built solutions with other third-party choices.

Free Security Software for Mac

Since being safe online is no laughing matter, there are various internet security solutions that are available free of charge. Granted, these free apps are always limited in one way or another, but since they all possess the core features of paid counterparts, they are perfect for the average user that hopes to be protected on at least one device. Antiviruses and password managers in particular always have free versions – with an option to upgrade – but depending on the chosen solution there may be additional features to enjoy without paying, whether that’s a basic VPN, a manual software updater, and so on.

That doesn’t mean that you should limit yourself only to free, basic programs all the time, though. In fact, the vast majority of Mac security software providers allow users to test their solutions without limitations for a short period of time either via a trial or a money-back guarantee. This often means that all apps included in the bundle have to be downloaded one by one and there may still be instances where certain functionalities aren’t available, but this at least way it’s possible to get a clearer picture of exactly what you can expect from the paid version.

Mac Internet Security 101

How It WorksBuilt-in ToolsWhy Mac Security Software

Best Software Security For Mac

How Mac Security Software Works

Using a Mac security app is a breeze because they often focus on creating a user interface that is simple for anyone to use, but also because the core features like on-demand scans, the scan scheduler, and the real-time monitoring tools often require very little input. If you have prior experience with a Windows-based antivirus solution, then you’ll get the hang of a Mac antivirus even more quickly.

It’s worth adding, though, that since Macs need to be protected differently, certain features like the real-time behavior shield or the sandbox are missing from Mac antiviruses. This is a normal phenomenon, although it also means that Mac antiviruses are actually weaker than their Windows-based counterparts, requiring users to be more alert when performing tasks like surfing the web or opening a file on a USB drive.

Due to this, installing additional security tools like a web monitoring browser add-on or a VPN is highly recommended. Thankfully these apps are often included as part of internet security bundle and, unlike Mac antivirus solutions, the only difference between them and their Windows versions is a slightly modified UI and the lack of irrelevant features.

Built-in Virus Protection on Mac

Where PC users had to wait until Windows 10 for a worthwhile built-in antivirus, macOS has been long equipped with various tools to effectively protect Macs from cyber attacks. The best-known example of that is XProtect, which checks all files downloaded on the Mac against Apple’s own malware database and alerts users when opening a file that is a known threat.

The other tool for keeping Macs virus-free is Mac Gatekeeper, which only allows apps to be downloaded from the App Store and/or the websites of identified developers. And to make the deal even sweeter, Macs are also capable of encrypting important files and saving passwords via iCloud Keychain.

Although these built-in security tools are quite promising, there is a huge problem with them: they can be easily bypassed. It’s one thing that Apple’s malware database relies heavily on user reports, but against the most sophisticated malware it’s completely useless. And the fact that Gatekeeper can easily be set to allow untrusted apps to be downloaded doesn’t really make macOS’s built-in protective tools much better either…

Why You Need Virus Protection for Your Mac

Even if it’s been proven otherwise countless times, many people still believe that only PCs can be infected with viruses and malware. Unfortunately, that’s a myth; anything capable of connecting to the internet is a potential target for wrongdoers, which is why they must be protected at all cost. What’s even worse is that the built-in antivirus tools of these devices are either too weak to withstand the continuously evolving horde of malware or are simply nonexistent. In other words, it’s better to have some sort of Mac security solution installed on your Mac than relying on built-in software or, even worse, doing absolutely nothing.

Virus Protection

Even the simplest Mac antivirus solutions are intelligent enough to recognize new and evolving viruses because they can match any unknown malware against a continuously updated database. What’s even better is that advanced real-time monitoring tools aren’t the only line of defense that comes with antiviruses; they also have customizable on-demand virus scans with which any lurking malware can be easily located, quarantined, and eliminated. Although more specialized third-party antivirus apps require the purchase of a license fee, the market is actually full of free solutions that are powerful enough to provide the necessary level of protection for everyday users.