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  1. Mp3 Audio File Converter Free For Mac

Freemake Audio Converter. Supports common audio file formats. Convert more than one audio file.

Audio to mp3 converter for macMac

Media iO is a powerful convert which supports conversion of more than 150 audio/video. Switch Audio File Converter for Mac OS X Switch is one of the most stable and comprehensive multi format audio file converters available for Mac OS X and is very easy to use. Convert over 40 audio file formats. Music tags preserved for supporting formats. You can Import and convert a playlist, extract audio from DVDs and video files, and more! Unfortunately, these audio files come in a proprietary copy-protected format, which makes them hard to transfer to devices like basic MP3 player, Sony PSP, cell phone, laptop, portable PC or standalone DVD player with MP3 support. You may use AVCLabs Audio Book Converter for Mac to remove copy-protection from Audio Books that can be played with.

Mp3 Audio File Converter Free For Mac

Switch Audio File Format Converter is a simple application for Mac that lets you convert audio files to and from all kinds of formats.
With its very simple interface, the program supports a wide variety of different file types, among them the most popular ones, such as MP3, OGG, WAV, AIFF and FLAC.
The application lets you select the sound properties of resulting files so as to create new files that are adapted to the needs of the user. In fact, in the coding options you can establish a constant or variable bitrate. You can also edit metadata for audio files that include his kind of information.
Switch Audio File Format Converter also offers the possibility of extracting audio from a video in MOV format.