Apple Tv Control For Mac

Control your Apple TV with your iOS device

Before you begin, check the following:

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  • Make sure that your Apple TV is connected to your television, powered on, and connected to your home Wi-Fi network.
  • If your Apple TV is turned off, you can turn it on without a remote. Just unplug your Apple TV from power, then plug it back in.
  • If you have a new Apple TV that hasn’t been set up, plug your Apple TV in to your Wi-Fi router with an ethernet cable.

Then follow the steps below to set up the Apple TV Remote in Control Center.

Use the Apple TV Remote in Control Center

If you’ve set up your iOS device to control your Apple TV, then the Apple TV Remote is automatically added to Control Center when you update to iOS 12 or later.

Apple tv remote control mac mini

If you haven’t set up your iOS device to control your Apple TV or have an earlier version of iOS, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that your iOS device is on the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple TV.
  2. Add the Apple TV Remote to Control Center, then open Control Center.
  3. Tap , then choose your Apple TV.
  4. If asked, enter the four-digit code on your iOS device that appears on your Apple TV.

The Apple TV Remote in Control Center works with Apple TV 4K, Apple TV HD, and Apple TV (3rd generation).

Buy a new remote

Apple Tv Remote Control Macbook Air

You can also buy a new Siri Remote or Apple TV Remote for your Apple TV from the Apple Online Store, Apple Store, or other retailer.

Learn more

  • If you have the remote for a different Apple TV, you might be able to use that remote to control your current Apple TV. Get help with the remote for your Apple TV.
  • If the remote for your Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD isn’t working, try charging the remote.
  • Depending on your television, you might not be able to control the volume with Apple TV Remote in Control Center.

Apple Tv Remote For Mac

The remote uses IR not Bluetooth.

Older Macs used to come with an Apple remote for various uses but these days it's an optional extra.

Apple Tv Remote Control Mac Mini


Pairing is not intuitive - the remote just sends a signal with some kind of code to identify that particular remote.

When you pair a remote it makes AppleTV or Mac only respond to commands from the remote with a certain code.

By default AppleTVs and Macs are not apired so work with any remote - even if that remote is paired with another device as the rewmote has no role in pairing apart from providing a code to identify it specifically.


Use the Security pane in System Preferences to turn the infrared ('IR') reception on your Mac off (or back on). To do this:

  1. Choose System Preferences from the Apple () menu in the upper-left menu bar.
  2. Choose Security from the View menu.
  3. Click the lock and enter your Administrator password if necessary.
  4. In OS X Lion v10.7 or later, click the 'Advanced' button in the lower-right corner.
  5. Enable the 'Disable remote control infrared receiver' checkbox.
  6. In OS X Lion v10.7 or later, click the OK button.

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