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Overview Generally, the removal program that comes with Sophos should be used to uninstall it. For instructions, take a look at Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac: How to uninstall. Having tried the regular uninstaller or if you deleted built-in removal program, this article provides a standalone tool to remove the installed Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac. Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac is a downloadable freeware that serves users as a practical and useful utility in protecting the data and the well-being of Mac-based hardwares. Considering the threat of online hackers as well as malwares, Trojans, viruses and worms, protection to one’s computer, be it a laptop, netbook or desktop pc, is not only a necessity but a must. The latest update for Sophos Antivirus for Mac Home Edition will trigger a message after an automatic update, and/or the computer is restarted, informing users that the product is being discontinued. The message will also provide steps for customers to upgrade to Sophos Home Free edition.

Sophos antivirus software is one of the most well known and well respected anti-malware tools for the Mac. It’s distributed under the name Sophos Home to differentiate it from the company’s tools aimed at businesses and is available in free and premium versions. If you have downloaded it to try it out and no longer want it on your Mac, here’s how to remove it.


How to uninstall Sophos antivirus from your Mac

When you install Sophos Home on your Mac, it should also put an uninstaller on your boot drive. So the first step is to find that uninstaller.

  1. Press Command + Space or click on the Spotlight icon in the menu bar.
  2. Type ‘Remove Sophos Home’.
  3. When Spotlight finds it, select it and press Return.
  4. Click Continue when it launches.
  5. Type in your Mac admin user name and password.
  6. Wait for the uninstallation to complete and press Close.

If you use Sophos Home on other computers or think you might in the future, you should also remove your Mac from your Sophos Home dashboard.

  1. Log into your Sophos Home dashboard on a web browser.
  2. Choose the Mac from which you just uninstalled Sophos.
  3. Press Remove, then OK, when prompted.

Delete Sophos leftovers

Sometimes the uninstaller will return an error message, which can happen because of corrupted files or remains of files from previous Sophos installs or installations of other antivirus programs. In that case, Sophos advises running a script in Terminal to remove it. However, it also advises that this method should only be attempted by advanced users. Thankfully, there is another option for the rest of us.

If you can’t find the Sophos uninstaller on your Mac, and don't want to run a script, the other way to uninstall it quickly and easily is to use CleanMyMac X. The Uninstaller module in CleanMyMac X can uninstall any app, removing all the files and folders that are scattered around your system. It can also reset other misbehaving apps so they return to the state they were in when you first installed them. This is how it works.

Sophos Antivirus For Mac Reddit

BTW, CleanMyMac X is notarized by Apple so it’s a perfectly safe app to use.

  1. Install the free version CleanMyMac X by downloading it and following the instructions.
  2. Launch it from your Applications folder.
  3. Choose the Uninstaller module from the list on the left.
  4. Locate the app you want to uninstall in the list in the main window.
  5. Check the box next to the app.
  6. Press Uninstall.

Remember, we said earlier that one of the reasons the Sophos uninstaller might fail is that there are remnants of previous installations still on your Mac. Well, CleanMyMac X can help there, too. It has a ‘Leftovers’ feature which tracks down files and folders that were left over when you removed apps previously. To see them, click on Leftovers in the middle window. You can then choose the leftovers you want to remove by selecting them and pressing Uninstall.

Sophos Home is a popular antivirus app for the Mac. It has free and premium versions. However, there are several Mac anti-malware tools available and it may be that you no longer want Sophos on your Mac. If that’s the case, follow the steps above to uninstall it. And don’t forget to use CleanMyMac X to get rid of the remnants of files cluttering up your Mac.

Sophos antivirus for mac review

Since the beginning of the year 2020, manufacturers of antiviruses and antimalware started releasing the latest versions of their programs… each one proclaiming to be the best.

How I Evaluate Antivirus Programs – What I Look For

I have a certain set of rules that I follow when evaluating these programs. I format my computer’s hard disk drive, install the operating system, include a database of hundreds of viruses and malware, and then install the antivirus I want to test to check its capability.


I also check for the speed at which the program performs its task and whether it eats too much into the system resources or not.

Ability to Block Malicious Websites

I visit sites infamous for the malware they inject into the visitor’s computer through their browser and check to see if the software prevents the browser from opening such sites.

Ease of Use

The ease of use is another factor I keep in mind… I prefer the program to be user-friendly.

Cloud Server Scanning

Most such security programs, nowadays, offer cloud functions… meaning that files I try to download are first scanned on the cloud server of the program, and allowed to download to my computer only if they are safe.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As more and more security software, nowadays, offer “artificial intelligence”, I shall check for that aspect too.

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If I Have to Choose Between Two Antivirus Programs that Have More or Less Equal Functions

In case both security programs offer the same type of protection, I tend to check their pricing and give higher points to the one that costs less. In this review, I shall compare Sophos and McAfee to check which one of them offers the best security.

The Comparison Between Sophos and McAfee

Both of these programs have been available for many years and have earned a reputation for themselves in the computing fraternity, both for home and business users.


Artificial Intelligence Module

The first thing that caught my eye on visiting the website of Sophos was its new artificial intelligence module, which, according to the vendor, would be able to block advanced viruses, zero-day exploits, malware, and the deadly ransomware.

Sophos Free Trial

Sophos offers a free trial of their program, which you can access after filling up their online form with your name, email, and password.

Sophos Pricing

Their home page also has an attractive offer which allows you to get a discount on the second year if you apply for a two year subscription. As far as pricing and ease of use are concerned, both Sophos and McAfee are ahead of there competitors.

Quick Scan

Downloading and installing the program was fast. A single click of the mouse button allows the user to scan their entire computer.

Sophos Machine Learning

While undertaking this Sophos vs McAfee 2020 review, I found that the former boasts of artificial intelligence. This means that the program employs a predictive and deep learning algorithm to check files for suspicious bits of code and blocks them. This includes the latest zero-day malware.

For your information, leading businesses, as well as banks, depend on Sophos for this exclusive aspect.

As is common with all security programs, you should not expect too much from the free version that only offers:
• Web protection
• Real-time antivirus
• Remote management
• Parental web filtering, and
• Can be installed on up to three devices

Sophos Free vs Paid

Sophos may be considered as its free version also includes a 30 days trial of its premium counterpart, which has all the modules in the free version plus:

• Malware Remover
• Ransomware security
• Artificial intelligence
• Privacy protection
• Banking protection
• Advanced web security
• Identity protection
• Premium support, and
• Can be installed on up to 10 devices

I strongly recommend readers to go for the paid version as it has many more features than that of the free one.

Sophos for Mac & PC

Macintosh users will be happy to hear that this antivirus, supports both Windows and the Mac operating system.

With fewer people making use of the Mac when compared to those who use the PC, not as many programs have support for the Mac. However, Sophos has excellent support for Mac users.

Blocks Malware Proactively
Antivirus Sophos For Mac

Unlike most other antivirus programs available that only protect against known malware, Sophos goes a step ahead with its heuristic engine that can analyze programs for suspicious behavior and block them before they can cause harm to your computer.

Real-Time Protection

The real-time threat intelligence provided by 24×7 SophosLabs makes sure that your computer is protected against new and developing zero-day exploits, ransomware attacks, malware, OS exploits, malicious websites, phishing attacks, PUAs (potentially unwanted programs), and viruses.

Protection Against Ransomware

The number of ransomware (also known as cryptoware, as the ransom to unlock the data has to be paid in cryptocurrency) attacks are on the increase, encrypting the data of unprotected computers, and forcing the owner to pay a hefty ransom to receive a key to unencrypt the data.

Most antiviruses cannot filter this threat. However, with Sophos installed on your computer, you can keep on working with peace of mind. If the software detects any activity trying to make changes that result in encrypted data, it will block the cryptoware and will also roll back the data on your computer’s hard disk drive to a previous and pre tampered state.

What I Obtained from Testing Sophos

As mentioned above, I had pre-loaded my Windows computer with nearly 1,000 strains of viruses and malware. After installing Sophos and scanning the hard disk drive for the first time, the program was able to clean 99% of the threats on the first run.

It then rebooted into safe mode to clean certain malware, such as rootkits, which reside in memory and cannot be removed in the normal mode.

After the second round of cleaning, this software removed all traces of preloaded viruses. I deliberately tried to visit a potentially harmful site, but the program blocked my browser from accessing it and even informed me about the type of threat present on that site.

Most other and similar programs just remove viruses and malware, but Sophos goes the extra mile by removing remnants and traces of all viruses and malware.

Remote Security Management Offered By Sophos

As a computer security professional, I have to manage the computers of my clients too. The online portal of Sophos allows me to log on to my account on their server and remotely check other computers.

As the professional version allows support for up to 10 computers, I can easily use it to keep an eye on 9 different computers through the online Sophos dashboard.

Antivirus Sophos For Mac
Sophos Parental Control

The parental web filtering permits me to remotely block my kid’s computer from accessing social networks, blogs, and sites containing inappropriate content.

Alerts You If Someone Attempts to Spy and Control Your Computer’s Webcam or Mic

The software further alerts me when someone attempts to access my computer’s microphone or webcam.

Password Protection

It also prevents malware from stealing confidential information such as usernames and passwords stored in my computer’s memory.

Sophos Home vs McAfee

Let me format my computer and prepare it to test the capability of McAfee in this Sophos Antivirus vs McAfee evaluation.


The first thing I noted was that McAfee is available in two different avatars… one for home users and the other one for businesses.

Sophos Home Vis A Vis McAfee Home

As I have only tested the home version of Sophos, it is fair that I test it against the home version of McAfee.

McAfee Free Trial

While this company also offers a free 30 days trial, it only offers a crippled version. Therefore, I was unable to test the capabilities of the paid version.

Like Sophos, the free version of this antivirus also allows users to install it on up to 10 devices and has support for the Macintosh too. However, I was shocked to see the pricing for the McAfee LiveSafe.

At such a low cost, it still included protection for mobile smartphones, PCs, and Macs.

McAfee Pricing

A huge banner on their site offers protection for up to ten devices for one year. The price for a single device and 5 devices, respectively, was also quite competitive.

The single device version does not offer ID theft protection or a safe family module. The five device license does offer the former but does not include the latter. Therefore, you have to purchase a 10 device license to get all facilities such as:
• Safe family
• ID theft protection
• File encryption
• Password manager
• Network monitoring
• Firewall
• PC boost
• Ransomware protection
• Antimalware, antivirus, antispam, and
• PC optimization which includes a shredder and quick clean module

However, with the new McAfee LiveSafe, you can also have identify and privacy protection for all your devices at a cheap cost.

I can understand the necessity for a quick clean module, but I see no reason to include a shredder.

Manage All Connected Devices

Like with Sophos, McAfee, too, allows you to log in to their server and take control over the additional devices your license permits.

Prevents Videos from Playing Automatically

The performance optimization option keeps your computer running like new and minimizes bandwidth usage by blocking auto-play videos on websites. However, this is not much of a concern as the latest policies of YouTube prevents videos from playing automatically. As more than 95 websites have a link to videos hosted on YouTube, the videos on them will not play automatically. For all purposes, this module is not worth it.

Similar Features in Both Sophos and McAfee

To be frank, I did not find much of a difference between the two programs as both of them have nearly the same features.

McAfee also provides you with protection against all types of malware, spyware, keyloggers, ransomware, viruses, and the rest.

Internet Speed

Both Sophos and McAfee work properly even on a low-speed internet connection. Hence, you do not necessarily need to have a high-speed internet connection to get the full value of both.

Support for Mac and Windows – Both

I would like to point out in this Sophos vs McAfee comparison that both have support for Mac and Windows operating systems.

As both of them have versions for the Macintosh, it answers the queries of individuals asking whether they should use Sophos or McAfee for Mac.

However, the McAfee LiveSafe provides additional protection for your mobile devices at a reasonable cost.

Smartphone Support – Both

It is no use comparing McAfee vs Sophos 2020 for smartphones as they both offer apps for the Android and iOS platforms.

In Terms of Security

I would rate both Sophos home or McAfee equally as far as security is concerned as they both offer 128-bit encryption.

McAfee LiveSafe vs Sophos Home

People often ask me about McAfee liveSafe vs Sophos home. The reality is that both are identical. LiveSafe is the term given by McAfee to its online dashboard you use to keep an eye on other devices protected with this software. This is the equivalent of the Sophos remote security management that also lets you control all the other devices connected to your account.

Impact on System Resources

Antivirus Sophos For Mac Installer

I did not notice any slowing down of my computer with McAfee. This is just as the company states on its website that its software uses cloud-based threat analysis that protects your computer without slowing it down.

This should provide an answer to those who ask, “is Sophos better than McAfee?” In my opinion, a good cybersecurity program should not bog down system resources.

In Terms of Support

If you go by the number of rewards received, both programs are at par. Both of them claim to offer quality customer support and both Sophos and McAfee provide support on an emergency basis or as needed. Their support page already contains an updated list of problems faced by their users along with answers to the same.

In the case of McAfee, I downloaded and ran their “virtual technician” program. This may not be what users will prefer, especially if they need to get problems resolved immediately.

Sophos Antivirus For Mac Uninstall

In Terms of Performance

Performance-wise, both of them were adept enough at trapping all types of threats I threw at them. Both of them have identical modules under different names and both are user-friendly.

This brings us to the question… which antivirus is better?

Sophos versus McAfee — is McAfee Better Than Sophos?

To round it up, I was impressed by both these programs. They offered everything that a professional cybersecurity program should. However, I would opt for a program that costs less, provides the same functionalities that its competitor does, and offers protection for the identical number of devices.

Free Sophos Antivirus For Mac

I would also give more preference to a program that does not slow down the speed of my computer. Keeping all these facts in mind, it may be up to you to decide on which to go for. You cannot go wrong by choosing either Sophos or McAfee.

Sophos For Mac Review

Sophos may seem to be cheaper, but the solid performance of McAfee is not something to be relegated at all.