Access 2007 For Mac

I recently converted one of my clients. He now uses a Mac instead of a PC. I set him up with a Mac Mini and he is now in the process of learning how to utilize his Mac for tasks related to his business.

The one problem I ran into while having my client switch from PC to Mac was in transferring over Microsoft Access 2007. This particular client uses Access quite often and needed to be able to use the database program on his Mac.

My recommendation would be to ask for Access assistance in a Microsoft community.I would not use an online third party for Access. I would figure out how to use Access directly from Microsoft or I would get recommendations from the Microsoft community regarding how to best use Access on a Mac. Runs on: Mac OS X, Mac OS X 10.1, Mac OS X 10.2, Mac OS X 10.3, Mac OS X 10.4, Mac OS X 10.5, Mac OS X 10.6, Mac OS X 10.7, Mac OS X 10.8 NTRconnect Remote Access for Mac v.2.0 Secure remote access to your PC or Mac at anytime from any computer.

The latest version of Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac does not contain the Access program. None of the Microsoft Office versions for Mac contain Access. So the only way to use Access on a Mac is to use some sort of a program that allows Windows programs to run on a Mac.

The first program I tried was CrossOver. The Mac store even suggested I use CrossOver. Of all the Microsoft programs that do work with CrossOver, it seems that Microsoft Access 2007 is the one program that does not work. I didn’t realize that until after I had purchased CrossOver, but the people at CrossOver were generous and provided a full refund.

Access 2007 For Mac

I chose CrossOver first because it was cheaper than Parallels. But when CrossOver did not work, I gave Parallels a try. Parallels worked great for Microsoft Access 2007 and my client has been able to access his Access files (.mdb) on his Mac.

Here are a few points to remember if you are going to use Parallels on your Mac to use Microsoft Access 2007:

  • You must have a version of Windows and Microsoft Office. Parallels does not come with the operating system or program.
  • You can transfer over Microsoft Access files (.mdb format) to your Mac. You may need to look around for your .mdb files within Parallels. Look for them under ‘Computer’ and try to find them in the folders within your Mac.
  • If you are a heavy Microsoft Access user, Parallels is a great way for you to be able to use the program. There are also Mac database alternatives if you would like to completely make the shift to your Mac. Either way, you can easily transition from a PC to a Mac and continue to use Microsoft Access 2007 on your new Mac.

UPDATED JUNE 2017: Prices updated and a 6th app added…

Yes you read that correctly! Up until recently, there was no way to open a Microsoft Access database directly on a Mac. However, there are, at the time of writing, five apps, all available from the Mac App Store, which allow you to open and view data in Access database tables. Below is a summary of the apps.

MDB Tool

  • Opens MDB and ACCDB files (2007 only, not 2010/2013)
  • Only provides access to tables. Does not support queries, forms or reports
  • Exports to CSV and SQL formats
  • Available for £5.99 from

MDB Explorer

Access 2010 formatMac
  • Opens tables from multiple databases at same time
  • Exports to various formats including CSV, TXT, Excel and SQL
  • Filter, sort and search functionality allows you to easily find the information you need
  • Supports MDB but ACCDB support is available via in-app purchase £9.99
  • Available for £9.99 from


  • Opens MDB and ACCDB files
  • Search functionality
  • If you double click a record it opens in a separate window – great for reading long text entries
  • Exports to various formats including Excel, CSV, SQL
  • Documentation includes instructions for transferring to Bento, Numbers, Open Office
  • Available for £18.99 from


  • Converts MDB to SQLite
  • SQLite is a small database engine found in many gadgets and small websites
  • Just drag and drop the MDB file onto the app’s window
  • Supports MDB format only
  • Available for £3.99 from

Access 2007 Form Event Sequence

ACCDB Explorer

  • From the same company that makes MDB Explorer
  • Similar functionality to MDB Explorer but supports ACCDB as well as MDB
  • Reads attachments from 2007 format databases
  • Reads calculated fields from Access 2010 format databases
  • £19.99 from

Access 2007 Form Wizard

Viewer for Access Database

Access 2007 Forms

  • I have added this one following an email I received from the developer (Disclaimer: I am NOT making any money from this!)
  • At this time the app supports to open, view and export accdb and mdb files.
  • The developer will improve the app on user request in the next weeks/li>
  • £2.99 from

Access 2010 Format

Editor for Access Database

Access 2010 Format Function

The only Mac App which allow you edit MS Access Database on Mac directly. View, Edit and Create Microsoft Access database on your Mac with the App. You can view data easily with Filter, Sort, Paging, and export data or schema to other databases, also edit data directly with very customizable data control, create new databases and create new tables.